Macron Says France is Under Attack as He Kicks It to Top Level Terrorism Resistance

Emmanuel Macron is obviously responsible for the recent terrorist attack. He went out there and encouraged the Muhammed cartoons.

Why would you do that?

Fox News:

French President Emmanuel Macron bolstered security in schools and religious sites Thursday after three churchgoers were killed, including one woman reportedly decapitated, in a knife attack in the southern city of Nice, saying that “France is under attack.”

Macron’s announcement to increase deployments from around 3,000 currently to 7,000 soldiers to schools and religious sites around the country came hours after the attack that left two women and a man dead and several others wounded at the Notre Dame basilica. 

The killings put France on its highest level of alert and come at a time of extreme tension over the republication of caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

“It’s very clear that it is France that is under attack,” Macron said during an address in Nice, adding that “France will not give up on our values” in what he described as an “Islamist terrorist attack.”

“If we are attacked once again it is for the values which are ours: the freedom, for this possibility on our soil to believe freely and not to give in to any spirit of terror,” Macron continued. “I say it with great clarity once again today: we won’t surrender anything.”

Yeah, okay buddy – your values are Muhammed cartoons. But you’re not really in a position to speak for the French nation. Certainly not the historical French nation. Muhammed cartoons are stupid and rude and no one cares about this crap.

Macron could just as easily have not said anything about the Muhammed cartoons, instead he went out there and endorsed them.

What is going on?

Is he trying to start mass chaos?

Because this is how you start mass chaos.

Moreover: we should remember that you cannot fight terrorism. It’s not possible. At least not in a first world country. In the third world, when you’re at war, you can kill their families. But you can’t kill people’s families in France.

So saying you’re strong and you’re going to stand up against random individuals randomly murdering other random individuals in random locations is idiotic.

So more people are going to die.

But at least we had a giggle at those Charlie Hebdo Muhammed cartoons that look like they were drawn by a 3-year-old. Having a giggle is our values and freedoms.

But hey – it’s good for Trump, no?

It’s also good because we have this photograph for our files now:

What the dang heck?

Why does that picture look like some kind of dystopian coffee advertisement?

And what is an “infirmier”?

Holy heck.

Where is the off-ramp for this ride?

Charlie Hebdo is the Worst Thing Ever

Did you know that Charlie Hebdo put a picture of Jesus sodomizing God on the cover of their magazine?

But the edgiest thing of all is when they did an issue mocking Texas for having a hurricane and said that everyone in Texas is a neo-Nazi.

I saw that and I was like “dayum, they brave, dog.”

I was also like: “wow, these people have a really good understanding of America and are really in touch with reality in general, because not only are Texans totally like a bunch of Nazis and stuff man, but natural disasters totally primarily affect white people and not minorities, who tend to be poor and are too stupid and/or lazy to evacuate when they’re told to evacuate.”

“Drowning Nazis.” -Smarmy French faggot who is too stupid to be embarrassed

When is the Holocaust issue coming out?