Literal Homosexual Plagiarist Benny Johnson Dumps Cache of Hilarious Nick Fuentes Clips!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 19, 2019

Talking Points USA individual Benny Johnson is a literal plagiarist who was fired from Buzzfeed for plagiarism in 2014. Literally for 41 instances of it. Buzzfeed editor Ben Smith himself had to issue an official apology.

41 out of 500 articles! Nearly 10%!

He was then caught in a plagiarism scandal just a year later in 2015 while working for the Independent Journal Review.

I am a writer and I have to tell you: this is literally the absolute worst thing a writer can ever do. It is on par with simply outright faking news. This difference is that you are much, much more likely to get caught plagiarizing than you are faking news.

If we are to make an analogy, a writer committing plagiarism is like a dentist having sex with a patient while they are under sedation.

It is incredible that he was rehired at all after getting fired from Buzzfeed for this disreputable act, but for him to do the same trick again is simply astonishing. Or you would be astonished by it. Having interacted with journalists myself, I am aware that they are basically no different than child molesters in that they cannot ever be rehabilitated.

Speaking of child molestation, Johnson is also a literal homosexual, so it’s of course statistically very likely he is also a child molester. Though he hasn’t be caught for that, so we can only speculate based on statistics.

I thought the tricky cocksucker was completely useless.

But it turns out he has great taste in Nick Fuentes clips.

On Monday night, he compiled some ABSOLUTE FIRE.

As Nick himself points out, these clips are kino af.

Others responded by pointing out that Benny appears to not understand what jokes are.

I don’t know why Benny would think a series of clips that makes a man look so good would make him look bad.

Seems he really has very poor judgement.

The other thing here is: people seeing these clips are going to start asking questions. Nick asks why it is that we are still hearing about the horror of Jim Crow water fountains. He says “who cares?” And people seeing that are very likely to ask “yeah, who does care? Why are we still hearing about this? Who actually gives a shit about these water fountains?”

Do they want people asking these sorts of questions?

Furthermore, we must ask: where did all of these clips come from? Who organized them? As Nick pointed out on his show last night, a lot of them are from shows that are no longer public. So who has been collecting all of this? A month ago, Charlie Kirk claimed he didn’t know who Nick Fuentes was.

So are they getting this from Jared Holt of the George Soros funded Right Wing Watch? Or where exactly?

The Jew Fears the Lulz

To be honest – and I prefer honesty, as I believe it is the best policy – I’ve faced this same issue with people not respecting my humor and thinking it is all 100% serious. Or pretending to think that.

This all has me thinking about something I wrote immediately after Charlottesville. I was banned from literally everything, but for whatever reason, at the time allowed me to post personal thoughts. I called it “Letters from Internet Prison.” I revealed a thing that all my readers knew, which I thought might interest some academics (it did, and a few contacted me about it) and future historians: I’m not actually a “White Supremacist Neo-Nazi,” nor do I even know what that is. I am an edgy internet comedian.

WordPress has since deleted the thing, but here’s a screenshot of the most relevant part of the thing:

I’ve obviously gone a whole lot further than Nick.

Someone had to go all the way to the edge to open this thing up and give room for slightly less EDGE on them jokes.

But it’s fundamentally the same exact thing. No one actually believes that I’m planning to gas Jews, or whatever. Even though it’s in the first paragraph of my Wikipedia page.

I’ve also advocated for the legalization of rape, and people tried to add that to my Wikipedia page (with a “mainstream source”), and it was removed because it points to the absurdity of pretending that an edgy comedian isn’t joking.

You know, my elderly grandma, God bless her soul, used to watch the old Steven Colbert show on Comedy Central, where he played the character of an outrageous right-winger. She didn’t understand that it was a bit, and thought that he was actually an outrageous right winger.

We are allowed to make jokes.

It isn’t against the law yet.

Nick’s jokes, collected by Benny the criminal plagiarist, are funny. Rebellion against an authoritarian system of absolute humorlessness is necessarily funny.

And that’s the reason they want Nick shut down. It’s the same reason they wanted me shut down. They don’t shut down David Duke or Richard Spencer, do they? Humorless actors continue to act with impunity in these tubes, specifically because they are humorless.

The point I am trying to get at here – and make sure you catch this, because it is extremely big brained – is that these clips are considered dangerous not because of the ostensibly “beyond the pale” politically incorrect content, but because they are funny.

Humor disarms this system, because they have no response to it. They fear lulz more than anything else.

If, tomorrow, Nick goes out with a straight face and tells the press that, like, Jews should be rounded up and killed, or blacks should be put back into slavery, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan”. But when he makes one little Cooke Monster joke, well then everyone loses their minds.