Lighties Blown Out: “The Woman King” Celebrates “Dark-Skinned Black Women”

It’s times up for lighty. Now comes the age of the darkies.

None of those light-skinned bitches, looking all white and shit.

We going straight up gorilla mode this time, buddy.


Sheila Atim marveled that the top four actors listed on the call sheet during filming of Gina Prince-Bythewood’s hot epic The Woman King “are all dark-skinned Black women.”

Counting on the fingers of one hand, Atim recited the names of her fellow stars: “Viola Davis, Lashana Lynch, Thuso Mbedu and me!”

Smiling, she said proudly, “That’s something!”

Atim continued: “A movie of this scale with a studio, with this kind of platform. It does also mean something very significant when a big studio takes us on. That says something.

“I’m so proud of everyone in this film, I’m so proud. I was there with them and saw how much everyone gave of themselves and how much we raised each other up to deliver this.”

This weekend, the TriStar release topped the U.S. box office charts with a projected $19 million opening.

”In the making of this film we were all acutely aware of what it means to be a heavily female team, both in front and behind the camera, and to be predominantly Black women, predominantly dark-skinned Black women as well, which is an added layer. And to be telling a story that hasn’t been told before, and on a huge epic scale as well,” the London-based thespian told Deadline during a lunch at The Union Club located in Soho, in London’s West End.

“We were all acutely aware of what that means and how slim the margin for error was. And the stakes for us on a personal level.”

It’s a new category of blacks: the darkies.

In Haiti, when they killed all the white people, they also killed all the light-skinned black people.

These uppity mulattos better chill. If they provoke these darkies, then it’s going to be lights out for lighty.

This “Woman King” thing is apparently Black Panther: Vaginal Addition. It’s probably more open than Black Panther about promoting killing white people.

Many believe it’s the greatest film of all time.

Making $19 million is not really very good. It cost $50 million; with advertisements it needs to make $120 million.