Lia Thomas is Alpha and Chad and Conservative Whiners are Just Jealous of the Size of His Balls

This is the top trending story on the GAYway POUNDit:

Conservatives whining about Lia Thomas are just butthurt babies who are jealous that they didn’t have the balls to pretend to be a woman and get famous and rich and celebrated by the entire culture for literally doing nothing other than demonstrating male physical dominance over women.

The same conservatives now specifically targeting Lia were saying years ago that they support “adults’ right to make their own life decisions” when asked about trannies.

I didn’t see a single one of these cowards calling for trannies to be banned and arrested. They all abandoned basic Christian values and instead embraced the idiotic liberal idea that society doesn’t really exist so individuals can do whatever they want as long as it’s not directly physically harming another person.

Then, after they stand by and allow society to descend into a Trannypocalypse, they come out whining that it’s “not fair” that an alpha male chad is singlehandedly destroying the entire concept of women’s sports for laughs and personal gain, forcing the media into covering for his based agenda.

Conservatives are literally player-haters.

Did these whiny faggots never hear “don’t hate the player, hate the game”?

They allowed for the game to be established as a social norm by hiding behind “individual choice” and refusing to call for trannies to be arrested and interned in mental hospitals.

You thought allowing for tranny normalization wouldn’t lead to men pretending to be women to destroy women’s sports? Really? You couldn’t think that far ahead? “No one could have predicted it”?

Frankly, conservatives who did this “individual choice” bit are MORE responsible for the trannyization than the liberals who came up with the idea. Liberalism is run by the Jews, they’re always going to try to do whatever sick and destructive thing you can imagine. The reason conservatives are supposed to exist is to push back against this and prevent these things from happening.

But they never do.

They allow these things to happen and then whine about it.

It’s gay and retarded, and conservatives are fags.

Either take a stand or don’t.

Refusing to take a stand and then whining about the results of your refusal to take a stand is the epitome of just being a bitch.

Now they whine that no one can speak out against it. Okay, well, you know when that wasn’t true? Ten years ago when they were first normalizing this. Ten years ago mainstream leftists were making jokes about trannies.

Ten years ago, the conservative movement could have organized against trannies, and they chose not to, instead citing some totally inane gibberish about “personal freedom.”

Now they whine and act all shocked and outraged.

American principles – show me your statements in 2014 that trannyism should be outlawed and trannies should be locked in mental facilities. But you won’t, because you don’t have any “American Principles.” You have muddled “values” that don’t even make any coherent sense and cannot possibly serve as the basis of a society.

Just shut up, you losers.

Lia Thomas actually has the balls to force his will upon the world. You don’t, because you’re cowards who do nothing but whine and act outraged over the results of your own failure to stand on actual principles.