Let’s Just Start Renaming Everything in Order to Confuse People for No Reason

Should I just type the thing I always type again? How much longer can I keep doing this?

It would be one thing if it was called a “Nip Pedophile Cartoon Hornet.” I think that would be a fair enough name for a dangerous insect. But Asia is a locale from whence the murder hornet originates.

Maybe it would be something if it was the African Murder Hornet, because Africans are well-known murderers. But Asians are not known for murder. Maybe if it was the Thai Ladyboy Hornet. Or the Burmese Genocider of Moslems Hornet.


Political correctness has propelled scientists to change the name of Asian murder hornets to prevent potential discrimination.

Known officially as Asian giant hornets and colloquially as Asian murder hornets, scientists with the Entomological Society of America announced on Monday that the new official name will be the “Northern giant hornet,” even though they actually do descend from Asia and were only detected in North America in 2019.

“Amid a rise in hate crimes and discrimination against people of Asian descent, usage of ‘Asian’ in the name of a pest insect can unintentionally bolster anti-Asian sentiment,” the society said in a press release.

This respectable colored gentleman pushed this Asiatic in front of a train as revenge for being stung by an Asian Murder Hornet

The society further added that the negative stigma attached to the hornets’ name could lead to future violence against Asians.

“‘Asian giant hornet’ does not convey unique information about the biology or behavior of the species,” the society’s statement read.

Jessica Ware, president of the society, added that the name is “scientifically accurate.”

Jessica Ware, An African Big Booty Hoe Hornet

“Common names are an important tool for entomologists to communicate with the public about insects and insect science,” said Ware. “Northern giant hornet is both scientifically accurate and easy to understand, and it avoids evoking fear or discrimination.”

As noted by the New York Post, the hornets were first detected in the United States in 2019 and “caused quite the panic after pictures surfaced of their quarter-inch long syringe-like stinger.” Aside from their intimidating presence, the hornets are known to slaughter honeybees, which has led to worry they could cause an environmental imbalance.

This follows another strange action of renaming a thing, which was much funnier.

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) also announced in June that it will officially rename the monkeypox virus to address concerns about the stigma and racism associated with the word. The change came after 30 scientists signed an open letter arguing for an “urgent need for a non-discriminatory and non-stigmatizing nomenclature for monkeypox virus.”

“In the context of the current global outbreak, continued reference to, and nomenclature of this virus being African is not only inaccurate but is also discriminatory and stigmatizing,” said the missive.

But there are monkeys all over the place. We’ve managed to wipe them out in many places, but half the world is still plagued with monkeys.

It isn’t called “niggerpox.” Maybe it should be. But claiming that “monkeypox” is racist against blacks implies that the WHO thinks black people are monkeys.

What else does it mean to say that “monkey” is a reference to “black people”?

This “rename every biological thing from a place” project ostensibly started with Donald Trump calling coronavirus “China Virus.” That was obviously intended to be “racist” in the sense that he was attacking the Chinese and blaming them for spreading the virus. Which is whatever. I don’t think that is true, and I don’t even support the anti-Chinese views of the Republicans and Democrats and Europeans. But if Donald Trump wants to call it the China Virus, is this not his prerogative?

The media started claiming that black people were attacking Asians at random because they support MAGA and blame them for the coronavirus. It was very confusing to anyone who doesn’t know this is all gibberish, I’m sure. They were also saying Trump hates black people and wants them to die, but he’s leading them into a brutal campaign of anti-Asian violence.

The New York Times created a list of Asians being attacked, and it was all ghetto blacks. I was like “isn’t this list what is racist? You’re making lists of black people.”

They actually included links to all of the news stories about the attacks. Over 100 links.

Let’s do a random number generator.

First up, article 18 on the list.

#18 is A woman at a crosswalk was shoved hard by a man, who then yelled, “Asians need to be put in their place.”

They are very politically correct in this story. They use the term “BM,” which of course stands for “black male.” But many people reading it just don’t know what it means.

I actually don’t even know the history of the use of “BM” by the police or if it is only Seattle that does it. I’ve seen it several times, but it might have only been in Washington.

It is really a lot more ridiculous than renaming the Asian Murder Hornet. This is to protect black criminals by confusing people, whereas changing the name of the Asian Murder Hornet is to prevent blacks from attacking Asians in revenge for being stung.

Let’s roll again on this NYT list of anti-Asian hate.

That links to “A 44-year-old woman on the subway was spit at by a man who hurled her phone to the tracks and called her an “Asian slut” in front of her children” in the New York Post, which doesn’t give a description or photo of the suspect. However, Gothamist has a picture from the NYPD, unfortunately.

Hilariously, even with the picture, the Gothamist did not mention his race in the description. Because that’s impolite.

Let’s just do one more.

Well, after a lot of counting (the list does not have its own numbers), we get to “An Asian-American owner of a laundromat was harassed by a group of teenagers who vandalized his store and used racial slurs, then attacked someone who tried to intervene.

That story does manage to bury the race. But the headline definitely does not leave any room for doubt as to the race of the “group of teenagers.”

Remember the rallies against “anti-Asian hate”?

According to the current rules, these were actually hate rallies against black people.

They were rallies targeting a specific race of people. I do not believe there is a single anti-Asian attack on that NYT list that was not done by a black. So, “people who randomly attack Asians” is literally a codeword for “black people.”

They tried to blood libel white people for this.

Remember when that guy, who looked like an MK Ultra victim, shot up the handjob centers and then they tried to connect it in to blacks attacking rando Asians on the street?

He was literally in some evangelical cult where they told him that getting a rub and tug is “sex addiction*.” So he shot up the handjob artists for tempting him. Instead of like, you know, killing someone who makes porno.

He was in inpatient psyche treatment. This is of course where the now-declassified MK Ultra experiments happened.

It could have just been a coincidence – but what a lucky one! Anyway, they made him the face of “anti-Asian hate,” even though his whole thing was about sex and had nothing to do with Asians (even if it wasn’t some mind control hoax).

That was one of the weaseliest fake new hoaxes yet. You had literally hundreds of black-on-Asian attacks, at least a lot of which were genuine “hate crimes” in the sense that they were shouting racial slurs as they attacked, the NYT printed the list, then blamed Donald Trump by claiming this evangelical freakazoid was the face of anti-Asian hate.

And now, the victims of the Asian Murder Hornet are suffering the consequences.

Also – they just renamed the Asian Carp.

The whole point of noting that these species are “Asian” is to point out that they are not native to America. They are called “invasive species” – that is, a species of animal that is not native, yet thrives in a foreign environment where the food chain, climate, or something else is different, which creates an ecological problem.

But of course – these leftists don’t care about ecology, which is why they use African child slaves to make deadly and poisonous electric car batteries and kill all the birds with these windmills, which generally cost more energy to manufacture than they ever produce. Everything about modern leftism is anti-environment, because they hate beauty.

I was glad Tucker Carlson picked up on this Daily Stormer talking point about the ugliness of our environment. He mentioned it at his Iowa appearance earlier this month, and views making things less ugly as one of the most important things America should be concerned about.

I didn’t invent this talking point, by the way. You should listen to Roger Scruton, if not read his books.

(He’s a good talker, so reading the books is sort of a waste of time. Not a complete waste of time. But I tried one of them and didn’t really seem to be getting more than what I’d gotten listening to his talks. If you want to absorb as much information as possible, you should be as efficient as possible, and a lot of times listening to speeches or podcast interviews is more efficient than reading a book. You can’t lift or go for a walk while reading. Some information is better taken in through reading, but a lot of it is just as good through audio.)

Everything that comes from the left – or more specifically, Jews and women – is a lie. It’s always been that way. But these lies are getting much dumber, and more destructive. It did make sense to blame white people for anti-Asian attacks, because the Jews want to use black people to harm whites. They also want to protect the reputation of blacks, in order to promote the idea that whites are lesser than blacks and should be subservient to them. So while the hoax was painfully obvious, and it is truly an outrage that they were not called out on it, it at least followed logically.

However, there is no valid justification, even within the liberal/Jewish worldview, for renaming invasive species from Asia. This appears to be intended simply to confuse people. Or, more likely, people who classify animals want to be trendy, and were sitting around thinking “how can I contribute to racial equity?”

This is on par with the racist bird-watching scandal.

*“Sex Addiction” is a stupid concept, at least in relation to men. If a man under the age of 50 or so with regular testosterone does not ejaculate for 7-10 days, he will start getting erections in public, and will eventually either spontaneously ejaculate, or hump his bed while he is sleeping until he ejaculates. This is a very annoying biological reality, and calling it an “addiction” is nonsensical. What exists is sexual immorality. Going to a handjob center is something that is sexually immoral, and something that we should repent for. But it’s a good thing Jesus died for our sins, because for a man with no wife, it is very difficult to not have sex or masturbate, and actually, involuntary bed-humping while asleep is a form of masturbation that you cannot prevent from occurring. This is why in Christianity, men are encouraged to get married – you can then manage your sexual urges without engaging in sin. Celibacy should be the goal, of course, and we should pray for the strength to overcome our base urges. However, you will probably make mistakes, and need to repent of them. This is not “addiction.” This term “sex addiction” is also used for men who have sex with a lot of women – beyond what is necessary. This can be simply immorality, or it can be some kind of disorder where the man needs approval from women, because of Mommy Syndrome. But it is not an “addiction.” So, it is possible that the Handjob Massacre was a result of stupid evangelicals giving bad counseling, rather than an MK Ultra event. Regardless, it sure was a nifty fit, and came at just the right time to blame white people for an endless series of random attacks on Asian people. 

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