Brand New Kook Weather Apocalypse Stories from the UN! We SWEAR They’re Real This Time!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

Is this what you want, goyim?

Remember when Al Gore made all of those apocalyptic global warming predictions, and literally all of them turned out to be totally wrong?


Well, you’re not supposed to remember that. And if for some reason you do remember that, then you need to understand that this time, the situation is totally and completely different for some reason.

Daily Mail:

A new UN report warns that climate change is causing an unprecedented amount of damage to the world’s oceans and will cause devastation if emissions are left unchecked.

The latest special report from the IPCC found that by 2050, many coastal megacities and small island nations will experience once-a-century weather catastrophes every year, affecting millions and causing devastation.

It also said that sharp emissions cuts are needed to curb the changes as the world has already experienced 1°C of warming.

This has made the oceans warmer and more acidic and affected fish stocks, while melting glaciers and ices sheets are causing sea levels to rise, the UN science report said.

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide live in low-lying coastal areas, from villages to megacities, which face higher seas, more intense tropical cyclones and storms, extreme storm surges and flooding.

Many more live in high mountain areas affected by hazards caused by melting glaciers and ice, or downstream where water supplies and food security will be hit by changes to the frozen lands above.

Urgent action to cut the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving rising temperatures will limit the damage to the oceans and frozen areas and the people and wildlife that rely on them, experts behind the report said.

There is also a need to focus on helping people and natural systems adapt to the already inevitable changes, such as rising seas, the latest report from the IPCC found.

The new study, which examines the oceans, coasts and the cryosphere or frozen areas of the world, warns of huge increases in flooding damage, melting ice caps and glaciers and more ocean heatwaves that bleach and kill coral.

More than 100 scientists from around the world have assessed the latest science about the role of climate change on ocean, coastal, polar and mountain systems, and the human communities that depend on them.

Rising seas combine with tides or storms to create extreme surges and flooding – and the report warns further warming will mean events that occurred once a century could happen every year by mid-century.

Annual coastal flood damages are projected to increase 100 to 1,000 times by 2100, and some island nations are ‘likely to become uninhabitable’ due to climate change, the report said.

So basically, if you haven’t started understanding this yet, let me go ahead and help you with that:

Al Gore made all of these apocalypse predictions in the early 00s with the intent of whipping people into a frenzy and then implementing all of these “green” laws, which center around a global taxation scheme as a means to transfer wealth to the third world.

A global tax means a global government. Simple as. If you have a global taxation mechanism, you have a system in place to run that mechanism, and that system runs on a bureaucracy that can rapidly expand.

The reason that they want to transfer wealth to the third world is so that when they open up the borders completely – like a literal EU style “no visa zone” across almost the entire planet – not every single person from the third world leaves their homes. They want to replace white people, to get white women to interbreed with nonwhites, but they can’t literally allow every single person to come, which means they have to make these countries wealthier before they open the borders.

Furthermore, the global warming narrative allows the governments in first world countries to drive their populations into austerity, which lowers the quality of living in the West. As the quality of living lowers in the West and rises in the third world, you’re ready for the total open borders program envisioned by globalist Jews and useful idiot utopianists.

If these programs would have gotten started in earnest sometime in the latter 00s, then we’d be in a situation now where Al Gore could come out now and say “see, if you wouldn’t have started paying this global tax, buying $90,000 electric sports cars and eating maggots, you’d be under water like I said you would be.”

But instead, no anti-apocalypse measures were implemented and no apocalypse happened, so during the Obama years we kind of stopped hearing about global warming, with the hopes that people would forget that a decade earlier all of these insane claims were made about how Manhattan Island would be underwater up to the second floor by 2010.

“In Inconvenient Truth” was released in 2006, and they waited until 2016 to come back around to the issue. That is when all of this global warming talk started up again in earnest, under the guise of “climate change.”

Because that could be, you know, the other thing too.

In fact, “climate change” can mean anything.

Under this new system, they can point to literally anything that is happening on earth and say that it is caused by people not paying a global tax to a global government and not becoming vegans.

And then when they force people to do this, and no apocalypse happens, they’ll say “see, if you wouldn’t have done this, an apocalypse would have happened.”

Again: that was the plan in the 00s, but it didn’t work out for whichever reason, so they’ve brought it around again.

Global warming is an idiotic doomsday cult hoax which is being forced on the public by any means necessary – up to and including the utterly shameless exploitation of the mentally retarded.

I don’t know about you guys, but my sides just split every time I see a still of Greta from her UN meltdown. But then I feel kind of sad. It’s literally the exact same feeling I would have if I watched a really funny video of a guy in a wheelchair being pushed down some stairs.

But yeah – “any means necessary.”

It is all just part of a pre-written script, a part of a satanic psychodrama. And it’s going to happen as they want it to happen, mostly. I mean – sorry to tell you, but that’s just the way it is. The Doom Cycle cannot be prevented, for without the Doom Cycle, there is no Sunshine Cycle.

But you know, they’ve got some problems ahead too.

France was the first country to have the global warming tax forced on them and people really, really didn’t like it very much at all.