Lavrov Says That the One World Order is Over – No One Can Stop the Great Unraveling

High-ranking Russians just talk casually about one-world government and global international elites.

Pretty based.


The main cause of the worsening situation in the world is the “persistent desire of the West led by the United States to ensure its global dominance,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with Newsweek. This endeavor is “impossible for obvious reasons,” Lavrov added.

“Those whom we believed to be trustworthy economic partners have chosen illegitimate sanctions and a unilateral break-off of business ties,” Lavrov told the magazine, referring to the US and EU.

Lavrov, who is in New York this week for the 77th UN General Assembly, also discussed the impact of the Western embargo on the Russian economy – and their own. The sanctions appear to be a double-edged sword, he said, as “increasing prices and decreasing incomes are seen in many European countries, as well as energy shortages and threats of social upheaval.”

“The routine benefits of civilization become the privilege of the rich. This is the price that ordinary citizens pay for the anti-Russian policy of the ruling elites.”

Affordable Russian energy had enabled EU industry to compete with American companies, but “it looks like this will not be the case anymore, and it has not been our choice,” Lavrov told Newsweek. “If people in the West want to act to the detriment of their own interests, we cannot keep them from doing that.”

Well, the people of the West don’t want to do anything other than masturbate, worship black people, be dominated by women, and have sex with trannies.

In the West, “the will of the people” is no longer even a spook that is talked about. The government/media just makes declarations, and does not present any options. Everything that the government does is presented as something that “must happen.” There is no longer a process of decision-making. Therefore, what people want doesn’t enter into the equation.

“We are sanctioning Russia” or “we must help the Ukraine” is said by the government/media like they would say “a hurricane is going to hit.” When a hurricane is coming, the people can’t say “well, I don’t think that hurricane will hit at all.” Just so, no one can question the government’s war actions – or for that matter their actions with the child trannies or the blacks. The government is absolute, like a force of nature.

That said, no one knows what the people would say they want if they were allowed to say what they wanted. But they would probably just endorse child trannies and endless war. The people are decadent and moronic, and frankly, they deserve to be nuked.

The unipolar moment is over, and this should be a very big relief to the people. I see various faggots on the internets trying to say that Russia is “not based” because they insulted Adolf Hitler or whatever. Apparently, they expect the response to be “oh yes, you’re right – Russia insulted Hitler, so we should just support a one-world government controlled by Jews instead.”

Mondo Multi-Polar Mega-Show

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what Russia or China did. What matters is that Russia and China are making it so we can slip out of the grasp of a one-world government due to the establishment of a multi-polar world. Whatever you can say about Russia and China, these countries are not controlled by Jews, and they are establishing a new world order wherein the entire planet will not be subjected to the whims of a small group of Jews operating out of Washington, DC.

Some people – probably maliciously – miss that big picture view, and start going into the details about Russia and China. The details do not matter. The only thing that matters is that we are not going to have a one-world government anymore, and the US is going to lose its status as a world superpower, which is going to be very good for the people of this country.

Some very silly and stupid people have become convinced that it is a good thing for the US to be a superpower. It’s maybe understandable that people would think that during the time of Ronald Reagan, but at this point, we’ve seen what the government does with unlimited power, and it just is not defensible. The government is totally disconnected from the people, and they have much worse intentions toward you than Chinese or Russians who, frankly, are not even thinking about you and your personal life, let alone forming ideas about how to micromanage your life.