Latest Interviews with Colonel MacGregor are Worth a Watch

I love watching Colonel Douglas MacGregor, because I’m certain he’s not a reader of my website, and yet he reaches all the same conclusions as me.

It’s also good for you, the reader, to realize that it isn’t just me that is saying this stuff. The only high ranking military official who is willing to go on the record as being opposed to the regime, and the “rootless cosmopolitans,” is saying everything I’m saying.

He’s basically not allowed on Fox anymore. Tucker still has him on for 5-minute segments every couple of weeks, but the rest of the shows have cut him out. He was getting spots because he was a Trump appointee who would talk about Hunter Biden or whatever. But since the Ukraine war hoax began, he’s gone.

Fox is all in on the hoax.

Speaking of people being gone from Fox News and having to go to the internet – MacGregor’s most recent interview was with Judge Napolitano, who also doesn’t seem to be allowed on Fox anymore.

That one is just 17 minutes.

His most recent long-form was released last week, but was recorded on April 4th. I just watched it, and everything is still relevant. The situation is more or less the same now as it was on the 4th. That was the day the Bucha hoax was announced. Russia has been clearing out Mariupol and moving the troops into position for the final battle for Donetsk.

Both interviews are well worth your time.

The funny thing is this: basically, everyone who doesn’t agree with the Fox/CNN narrative about how Putin is an evil psychopath on steroids who has gone insane and is trying to rebuild the USSR by committing genocide comes to pretty much all the same conclusions.

The claim that the Ukraine is winning the war is so insane that it is difficult to even respond to. MacGregor is equally overwhelmed by such a bizarre lie, but he came up with a good analogy: “If the United States invaded Mexico, do you think Mexico could win? No, I don’t think so. We are a much bigger country, and we are very close to Mexico.”

Once again, the same people who claim that the Ukraine is winning will not dispute this chart:

It’s like a Marvel Comics movie, see?

They’re losing against insurmountable odds, but really they’re winning because they have such a strong spirit of democracy and values.

MacGregor is not the only one who agrees with me, but he’s the most important expert that agrees with me. He’s also America First, and will say “you know, I don’t really even care about any of this and I’m not sure why we’re even talking about it, let alone sending billions of dollars to one of the single most corrupt governments on the planet.”