Las Vegas: Jew Slumlord Makes Section 8 Tenant Sign Sex Contract to Get Rental

What even is this?

The bitch signed the contract. What exactly is the issue here? Women are totally empowered, and just as capable as men, in fact more capable than men, but they can’t make adult decisions, because they are so fragile and weak?

Both those things can’t be true.

Las Vegas Review-Journal:

A civil trial involving a former property manager accused of requiring sex as part of a lease contract was paused Friday until October.

The court recess came after a threat the defendant reportedly received on his cellphone.

Ex-real estate agent and property manager Allan Rothstein is being sued by a Las Vegas mother who alleges he coerced her into signing a lease contract for Section 8 housing that required her to grant him sexual favors. When she refused his advances, the woman said, Rothstein tried to evict her.

The woman filed suit in federal court in April 2019, accusing Rothstein of violating the Fair Housing Standards Act.

According to the tenant’s complaint, Rothstein’s lease package not only required mandatory sex but had a provision in the contract requiring the woman to declare she “does not currently have a boyfriend/girlfriend/parent who is larger, meaner and more physically aggressive, owns firearms or is more possessive” than Rothstein.

The complaint alleges that the woman signed the documents under protest and notes that she was on the verge of homelessness at the time, living week-to-week at a residential hotel with her five children.

The case is being heard as a bench trial before U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon. He recessed the case Friday when questions surfaced about Rothstein’s ability to go on with the trial. It came after an alleged threat Rothstein received on his cellphone following publicity about the case.

The media still calls Andrew Anglin a “neo-Nazi.” He’s actually the only one who has denounced neo-Nazis for the most obvious reason you would denounce neo-Nazis: neo-Nazism is a feminist cult.

Neo-Nazis will see a story of a white woman signing up to enter a sex contract with a Jew and blame the Jew rather than the white woman.

During the Harvey Weinstein rape hoax, neo-Nazis were defending women who had sex with Harvey Weinstein.

Andrew Anglin said: “which is worse? Harvey Weinstein or a woman who will have sex with Harvey Weinstein?”

The answer to that question is blatantly obvious to any man who is not a groveling pussy-worshiper.

The biggest issue with the Jews is the fact that they empowered women. That is the primary problem with the Jews. Saying you stand with empowered women against the Jews is nonsensical. No country that doesn’t have Jews has empowered women. Some Asian countries have working women for economic reasons, but they don’t allow this exploitation behavior by women. I am against women working, but the fact that you allow women to work does not automatically mean you put women in charge of everything and let them abuse men.

Jews invented feminism. There is no such thing as an anti-Semitic feminist.