Kiribati Denounces Taiwan as a Fake Country! No One is Buying the Taiwan Hoax! Anal Sex Does Not a Nation Make!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2019

Taiwan can’t even convince negroid swamp people that they’re a real country! The only people stupid enough to believe that Taiwan is a country are white liberals with so much fat in their brains that their neurotransmitters cannot properly operate!

The Jewish anti-Chinese agenda loses another ally!

Time to bend the knee, Taiwan, you filthy traitors!

Not even Kiribati stands for your insolence!

The Hill:

The island nation of Kiribati on Friday became the second Pacific country to cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan within a week, announcing that it would instead recognize the government in Beijing as the head of China.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu reportedly said at a news conference that Taipei “deeply regrets and strongly condemns the Kiribati government’s decision, which disregards the multifaceted assistance and sincere friendship extended by Taiwan to Kiribati over the years.”

“China’s international pressure will only consolidate the Taiwanese people’s determination never to capitulate to the Chinese government,” he added, as reported by The Associated Press.

These people are smarter than David French. They also don’t fuck each other up the ass like the Taiwanese dogs. 

Riddle me this: This individual is more intelligent than the entire combined staff of the National Review. 

That one there ain’t bad tho maybe. Better than Greta Thunberg 4 sure. 

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry called the decision a sign of an “irresistible trend” of nations recognizing Taiwan as part of China under Beijing’s rule.

“This fully testifies to the fact that the one-China principle meets the shared aspiration of the people and constitutes an irresistible trend of the times,” Geng Shuang said, according to the AP.

“Those used to dollar-diplomacy may not understand that certain principles cannot be bought with money, neither can trust,” he added.

For those of you who are stupid, retarded or simply dumb: a stronger China means a weaker ZOG, because geopolitical power is a zero sum game.

As such, I celebrate any weakening of the Jewish anal-democracy base of Taiwan.

I will also celebrate when the tanks roll in with the red flag and shut down the Taiwanese faggot parades.

Because of course, Taiwan, like all ZOG pawns, is a nation based on men ramming their cocks up each other’s rectums.

If they were not addicted to stuffing their penises into each other’s buttholes, it wouldn’t be a big deal to simply surrender to their masters in Beijing. Anal sex leads them to betraying their race, as is always the case with these things. The Jew always gets you through the anus.