Joe Rogan Transforms Into Worm, Bows Before His Lord and Master Anthony Fauci

Joe Rogan on Thursday removed his mask, showing that he is in fact not a human being at all, but a sack of worms formed into a human shape. Rogan did not appear to feel any shame in revealing his true worm form.

Joe Rogan used to say interesting things. Now, he’s been bought and paid for at the steep price of $100,000,000, and he won’t say anything about anything. `

He did say a short thing about the vaccine, a few days ago. He said that young people shouldn’t take them. Now, the Worm Rogan has walked it back.

He posted a video to his YouTube channel entitled “Joe Rogan Clarifies His Vaccine Comments.”

In the video, he is not “clarifying.” He is bowing down and begging his masters to forgive him.

“These are not planned statements,” the worm creature said. “When I say something stupid, I’m not thinking about it before I say it. I’m just saying it.”

“I am not a doctor. I am a fucking moron. I am a cage-fighting commentator … I am not a respected source of information even for me. But I at least try to be honest about what I am saying,” the worm added, blubbering like a pus-filled wound someone had squeezed.

He then said that he agrees with his true lord and mommy (and wop brethren) Anthony Fauci, and that it actually is really important for young, healthy people to risk their lives and who knows what else by taking a deadly vaccine.

The original clip that went viral, you will recall, was Rogan and Based and Redpilled Jew Dave Smith both saying that they would not experiment on their own children by giving them the vaccine.

Here’s the original offending clip, which Fauci went apeshit over, just to refresh your memory.

The worm creature Rogan did not even attempt to hold on to his self-respect while making this statement. It was purely: “my master, I bow to thee, for thou serverth the Great Bull-Horned God Who is Called Science.”

All will bow before Lord Fauci, the One True Master of All Reality.

It is disgusting and sad to see an adult man made into a worm like this. It is disgusting, like seeing cops beat up an old woman. Watching the worm form reveal of Joe Rogan felt like someone had thrown a bag of urine on my soul.

What must it feel like for Joe, to bow like this, to whimper and beg forgiveness from a goblin wop?

Fauci is likely shorter and even greasier than Rogan.

You just know Fauci used some of that Italian shit on poor Joe the Worm Entity.

Joe had the backing of Tucker Carlson.

That’s really all you can hope for, I think at this point, if you’re anything resembling a normal human being – you can hope for the backing of Tucker Carlson.

Of course, a creature entirely made of worms doesn’t need the backing of Tucker Carlson – it can live simply by wriggling around on the ground, eating shit.

The Jew tranny Amy Siskind, who all those years ago led the successful campaign to have yours truly banned from everything for making a joke about a fat woman dying of a heart attack, is out there calling for lawsuits against Tucker and Joe. The perverted anal kike is claiming children will be harassed or end up in the hospital because of what they said, and that this is grounds for punitive civil action.

Now: will Joe be allowed to continue? Or will the rug be pulled out from under him?

Will the Jews hit Spotify with an actual lawsuit, accusing Rogan of killing people by questioning the vaxx?

We shall see. If he continues to tell right-leaning people that it is “cool” and “being a bro” to serve their true lords and masters, Rogan may be allowed to continue. But another comment about the deadly fake vaccine (which is actually an experimental genetic therapy procedure), and it’s curtains for ol’ Joey boy.

As for me, I will keep my human dignity until the end. They can drag me out in the field, and I will be saying: “fine, give me the bullet – just don’t vaxx me, bro!”

This system is satanic, and this vaxx is the mark of the system. It is literally the exact thing from the Book of Revelations, what they are talking about. It is a mark that keeps you from buying and selling, and demonstrates that you serve the BEAST.

I will not only not take this, and tell others not to take it, but I will keep talking about it every day, until they come to drag me out into the field.

Resistance is not futile.

God is on our side, and we will overcome.

Don’t surrender. Do not bow down before the masters of this world.

Take your dignity, self-respect, personal honor and faith in God to the grave.

“Die for your faith” is not a new request.

Many, many of your ancestors were asked for the same thing, and they marched forward and fought and died in Christ’s name.

What is asked of you is not unique.

Wars have been won and lost, but the White Christian Race continues, and it will be so until the end of time.

Deus Vult.