Jews Move Ukrainian Orphans to Israel, Europe

Chabad Rabbi Avraham Wolff

All aboard the Jew Express!

Next stop, Tel Aviv!

New York Post:

Hundreds of children have been evacuated from Jewish orphanages throughout Ukraine –with rabbis and volunteers desperately loading kids onto transport buses as Russian bombs and missiles rain down on the country.

Roughly 120 children from the Mishpacha Orphanage in Odessa arrived in Berlin on Friday in time for Shabbat services after a thousand-mile bus journey which took them through Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The facility is named for the Yiddish word for “family.”

The orphanages are Jewish, but that doesn’t mean the orphans are Jewish.

From their website, it doesn’t appear to be an orphanage for Jewish kids exclusively.

“The kids — the youngest of which was 35 days old — were freaked out. We realized there was no way we could keep them in the city anymore. We had to get them out,” Chabad Rabbi Avraham Wolff, the chief Rabbi of Odessa told The Post.

Wolff, 52, spoke to The Post while actively loading more evacuees onto buses for transport out of the country. He’s planning to leave soon too — but vowed to return for additional rescue missions. It’s unclear how many children remain to be evacuated, but at least 10 buses are scheduled to leave Odessa Saturday.

“The roads are crazy packed and there’s crazy traffic, but we were able to arrange police escorts,” the rabbi said — adding the the biggest issue was many of the kids lacked travel documents and even birth certificates.

Chabad chapters throughout Europe have been absorbing thousands of refugees in Germany, Poland, France, Cyprus, Austria and Hungary and large refugee camps have been established in Romania and Moldova, Chabad spokesman Moti Seligson said.

A similar story played out Tuesday when more than 100 Jewish orphans from Ukrainian city of Zhitomir crossed the border into Romania — that group is now bound for Israel.

Many of the kids don’t even have birth certificates, and these Jews are moving them all over Europe. How would someone know if one or two or more get lost? Who is accounting for all of these kids and their movements? The Jews themselves?

If you wanted to steal white kids, this would be a great way to do it.

I’m not saying these Jews are literally using the confusion from the war to steal white kids and calling it humanitarian aid. I’m just saying that if that was their goal, this would be close to a perfect way to achieve it.

After all, people will think that Jewish orphanages are just evacuating their little Jews to Israel.