Jews Fight Each Other After Jew Museum Bans Ron DeSantis


Old Ron seems to be pissing off the right people, at least. He’s been banned from the Jew museum.

Most importantly: we’re talking about the fact that Jews will attack and sabotage you if you oppose gay child anal fisting or anti-white hatred in math books.

“Conservative” Jews are swooping in to say “oh no, not all Jews are like that – we’re not all trying to ram objects into the anus of your small son, and many of us believe he shouldn’t even cut his dick off until he turns 18.”

“Conservative” Jew Karol Markowicz writes for the New York Post:

History shows us that forced ideological conformity never ends well for Jews, but liberal Jewish institutions keep wanting to give it another go.

In a Wall Street Journal piece, Elliott Abrams and Eric Cohen, respectively chairman and CEO of Tikvah and co-chairmen of the Jewish Leadership Conference, reveal that Manhattan’s Museum of Jewish Heritage canceled a planned JLC event because Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was an invited speaker.

Write Abrams and Cohen: “We were working closely with the museum on the details for the June 12 event — until, out of the blue, we were told by the museum staff that Mr. DeSantis didn’t ‘align with the museum’s values and its message of inclusivity.’ Either we disinvite the governor, they said, or our event was unwelcome.”

The museum gingerly pushed back. On its Twitter account it said this wasn’t a “free speech or censorship issue” but “simply a contractual and logistical decision,” which doesn’t actually contradict what Abrams and Cohen are alleging.

Yes, the museum made the “contractual and logistical decision” to deny rental space to Tikvah, an organization that has hosted many events at the museum, because DeSantis was to be a speaker. It’s not a “free speech or censorship issue” since that implies government is stopping the speech, and that is clearly not happening here.

Thinking it’s smarter than everyone else, the museum added a carefully worded tweet saying, “We welcome Governor DeSantis and elected officials from across the spectrum to visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust for a tour of our new exhibition, The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do, when it opens this summer.”

So it won’t block the door if DeSantis buys a ticket for a tour, but no one is welcome to host the governor for an event at the museum. Got it.

Abrams and Cohen write that they chose DeSantis because a “remarkable Jewish renaissance is under way in Florida.”

It is. Our family is part of that renaissance. We moved from New York to Florida in January in large part because of the governor’s leadership. COVID policies were at the forefront of our decision, but DeSantis fighting woke nonsense in schools and putting parental rights at the top of his agenda have also been positive.

And our governor takes the safety and security of Jews in his state very seriously.

These Jews are such sickening creatures.

They will always cozy up to power, no matter what, in any situation.

They’re not really fighting each other over whether or not DeSantis is evil. Most Jews attach themselves to the left by default, because the left lines up with Jew values (which are satanic). But they will never leave a gap in influence. Whoever has any influence at all, anywhere on earth, will have a Jew posse attached to them, sycophantically praising them.

This is why I get so frustrated when people talk about “there are Jews that support Putin tho!” Anyone who says that has literally no basic understanding of the way the Jews work. Even if someone is hated by 99% of world Jews, they are still going to have a few Jews cozying up to them. In fact, if some powerful person is hated by most Jews, a group of Jews who doesn’t mind that is going to think of this like finding an empty spot at a crowded beach.

Look at this:

Everywhere, no matter what, you have these Jews cozying up. Iran is literally calling for Israel to be wiped off the map, and this Jew is like “great idea, goy, good thinking – I’m the good one, goy, I agree with you.”

Jews even tried to do this with Hitler, frankly – and definitely with Mussolini and Franco. They do it to everyone, no matter what. That’s why playing “find the Jew” is such a retarded exercise. If you want to find the Jew agenda, you look at what 99% of Jews are saying – not what the 1% of cozy-uppers are saying.

With the Democrat/Republican split in America it’s not a 99/1, more like a 80/20 split – because Republicans have a lot of power still, technically, so there needs to be all of these Jews.

DeSantis is a Zion supporter, but as a governor, that isn’t really relevant to anything he does. But Jews are going to be cozying-up around him because they think he’s going to run for president, at which point they can push their Zio-agenda and also sabotage anything he tries to do to support whites or stop gay anal rimjobs for small boys.

He’s not going to be president anyway, of course. But they always cover all bases.