Jewnited Snakes Demands That Blood-Guzzling Israeli Jews Slaughter Even More Palestinian Infants

The Jews are engaged in yet another mass satanic slaughter of Palestinian children. The response of the Jewish US government has been to demand more baby-killing.

Now you understand what Adolf Hitler meant when he called the Jews “unhinged blood-guzzlers” and “whacked-out maniacal chuggers of infant blood.”


US envoy to Israel Tom Nides said Washington completely supports the fight against “bad guys” in the Gaza strip, days after a flare-up in violence between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in the blockaded enclave. 

Speaking to Israel’s Channel 13 for an interview on Wednesday, Nides said the US government is “aware of the situation going on in Gaza” and believes the latest Israeli operations there last week were part of “an important mission.”

“These are bad guys,” the envoy continued, referring to Palestinian armed groups, adding that “We support Israel’s right to defend itself, its right to basically take the actions it needs to keep this place safe, so we’re fully supportive of Israel’s actions.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched several days of strikes on Gaza starting last Friday, largely claiming to target fighters with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a militant faction accused of firing rockets into Israel. According to local officials, some 44 Palestinians were killed in the operations, including at least one young child.

Though a shaky ceasefire deal was brokered on Sunday with the help of Egyptian mediators and appears to be holding in Gaza, Palestinian officials in the West Bank accused Israeli forces of killing two teenagers in clashes following a raid on the home of a senior militant commander earlier this week. PIJ condemned the deaths, and has warned it would resume its rocket volleys “if the enemy does not abide by what we agreed on,” though fighting has not yet started back up.

Ambassador Nides went on to say that the White House was not informed of Israel’s operations in Gaza ahead of time, but added “I don’t think we were surprised.”

Tom Nides is of course himself a Jew.

Imagine if the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana was from Ghana, and went to Ghana and said “I’m here for the purpose of representing the interests of China.” It’s ridiculous to hire an ambassador who is a foreigner from the country he’s working in. What an absolute scam.

Of course, he is speaking on behalf of the Bidens.

Support for Palestinians

Some people will say “oh well, I don’t support the Palestinians either.”

This is, quite frankly, bullshit.

Whatever you think of the Palestinians is irrelevant. They are being targeted by the Jews, they are fighting against the Jews, and therefore you must support them. This is the same thing I said to people who were saying that Alex Jones shouldn’t be defended against the Jew crisis actors because he doesn’t talk about the Jews. I said: you have to stand with anyone who is targeted by the Jews, regardless.

Obviously, some Moslems are more sympathetic than others. The most sympathetic Moslems are the Taliban, because they are just awesome. Palestinians are more whiny. But aside from Islamic invaders in white countries (funded and supported by the Jews) or Islamic terrorist groups (funded and supported by the Jews), most Moslems are against the Jews, so you should at least support them insofar as they are against the Jews.

The foremost problem in the whole world is the Jews. Everything else is really minor in the scheme of things. Most Moslems are not trying to invade Europe – that is a specific sect of Moslems which has the full support of Jews and is actually directly working for the Jews. Moslems in Moslem countries are not a threat to white people at all. Even if they wanted to invade us, they don’t have the technical ability to do so.

Here’s a protip: anyone who is telling you that you should ever side with the Jews, in any situation, ever, under any circumstances, is some kind of shill, rat, or moron. When I say “the Jews,” I am obviously talking about “organized Jewry,” which is something that is easily identifiable.

This is what we saw with the Ukraine as well – there were actually supposed “right-wingers” who were saying that they sided with the Zelensky death machine. They were trying to play this game where it’s like “oh well, there are Jews in Russia too.” These people are retarded or pretending to be retarded. Some random Jew is not the same thing as “organized Jewry,” and there is never any confusion about where “organized Jewry” stands on any particular issue. You just look at the New York Times, CNN, AIPAC, ADL, etc.

Point of fact: the ADL released a statement supporting the “neo-Nazis” in the Ukraine, saying they were actually good neo-Nazis because they love the Jews.

Yes, there are individual Jews in Russia who are like “but my money tho.” However, Israel was/is helping them get their money out of Russia by evading sanctions. Israel refused to join America’s sanctions on Russia – but of course, this only applied to Jews, as Jews are the only ones that are going to be sending money to Israel.

This is not complicated.

There is NEVER any need for confusion about where “organized Jewry” stands on any issue. You can always look it up and find out, and you should always take the opposite position.

Such is it with the Palestinians.

Furthermore: Palestinians are hardcore.

Little kids get their legs blown off and wake up and are like “death to the Jew.”

Also, last point, but a key one: to the Jews, we are all Palestinians.

They would treat all Americans exactly as they treat Palestinians if they had the opportunity. In fact, they would treat us even worse. And it seems now that they are going to have just such an opportunity, with their organized attack against us beginning with the Trump raid.