Jew David Rothschild Tweets He’s Happy That the “White Man” Epstein is Going Down – Internet Unamused

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2019

Microsoft’s David Rothschild, who I assume is a relative of the Rothschild banking family, recently took to Twitter to condemn white people for the disreputable sexual behaviors of his fellow Levantine tribesperson Jeffrey Epstein.

This trick, where Jews condemn a Jew who gets caught doing something terrible as “white” to both absolve themselves and also condemn the entire white race as responsible for their behavior, used to work. But this tactic has now been very well studied and it doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve screenshotted the replies to his tweet. Those who replied will no doubt be banned. But the fact that there are still so many of these people on Twitter is encouraging.

That goes on and on for another several hundred posts of people saying the same thing.

This strategy obviously does not work anymore.

The “this bad Jewish person represents all white people” line was a particularly bold Jewish trick in the first place – they were not only distancing themselves from the disreputable member of their tribe, but also collectively slandering whites. The Rothschild tweet is the perfect example of this tactic.

The hilarious thing here is that they do not have any new tactics in their bag, which is the biggest reason you’re seeing a complete and total shutdown of free speech in America. When I started this site in 2013, even while I was getting tens of thousands of readers, the Jews were not even bothered. Basically, they thought I was doing the same thing as various neo-Nazis had done in the 80s and 90s, and figured I would be a helpful boogieman to scare their donors into providing money.

It was over a year after I started the site that I was kicked off of PayPal. And I was allowed on Twitter until 2015. Then, with the election of Donald Trump, and the sheer amount of anti-Semitic support for that now-defunct figure, they realized that the goyim really did know and just started silencing everyone.

But as you can see above, there are still large numbers of accounts active on Twitter, even while hundreds of thousands have been banned.

And they have yet to attempt to formulate a new narrative as to how it is that Jews are the single richest and most powerful group on earth, but are also somehow the world’s greatest victims. It’s a very difficult circle to square, and they had previously relied almost entirely on the boogieman of the Holocaust. That no longer works anymore because the information has been made available showing that the Holocaust did not in fact happen.

After Charlottesville, the Jews were successfully able to break any attempts at organizing physically on any scale by using the Justice Department and civil lawsuits to prosecute anyone who dares to show their face in public and speak out against the total Jewish domination of Western society.

They’ve also largely silenced most loud voices on the internet.

But no one who learned the truth about the Jews and their agenda forgot about it. It’s not something you can forget. It’s not something you can unlearn. Jewish rule is an absolute fact, and once it is known, it’s known for life.

So the numbers of people who know can only grow, unless they start actually killing us.

Interesting times ahead.