Jew Against Jew: ZOA Calls for ADL’s Greenblatt to Resign for Pushing Extreme Anti-White Agenda

We’ve got Jew vs. Jew – happening now!


The conservative Jewish advocacy group Zionist Organization of America has demanded that its liberal Jewish counterpart, the Anti-Defamation League, fire its CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, accusing him in a statement released on Monday of turning the organization into a hive of “woke leftism” and anti-Israel sentiment and propagandizing schoolchildren with “anti-bias” educational programs.

Citing a recent Fox News investigation, the ZOA charged the ADL with “promot[ing] far-left and critical race theory concepts such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘systemic racism’” through their educational materials, which have reportedly been taught to 1.4 million children in 1,600 schools. The group’s promotion of the ‘white privilege’ concept has already been weaponized against Jews, they point out, by none other than Greenblatt himself, who as early as 2016 was accusing American Jews of benefiting from it.

The ADL’s lesson plans, often available free of charge to cash-strapped school districts, “characterize denying white privilege as a ‘biased attitude’” and “encourage white students to view themselves as ‘oppressors,’” the ZOA claims, including by using a definition of ‘racism’ that would make it impossible for a white person to be on the receiving end of it. The group only substituted a less inflammatory definition of the word earlier this year as criticism of ‘anti-racist’ dogma heated up in school board meetings across the nation.

In response to the Fox News exposé, the ADL announced it plans to review its educational materials and realign them with its “values and strategy,” a solution the ZOA insists is “too little and too late.” Greenblatt has, they claim, replaced the ADL’s “primary stated mission of combating antisemitism” with “far-left partisan political, legal and educational advocacy,” leaving the group no choice but to fire him if it seeks to “retain even a sliver of credibility.”

The first question that comes to mind when you see “right-wing Jews” attacking “left-wing Jews” is always “how much of this is theater?”

That is to say: it is logical for Jews to deflect anti-Semitism from the right by attacking hardcore leftist Jews, thereby making the goyim believe in the false notion that “Jews believe all kinds of things – they’re on all sides of the political spectrum.”

In actual reality, any Jew advocating for Jew interests is not functioning within the left-right dichotomy that the goyim function in. Jews defend Jew interests, and they do it by whatever means they view as necessary. They couch this in left and right terms when necessary, and pander to both sides for support of Jews.

Currently, there are so many Jews in power on the left that it would be very easy for the masses of Americans to start viewing Jews as an entirely leftist political group – especially since the ADL, which is the most prominent Jewish group in America, has become so aggressively political. The ADL claims to represent all Jews and they are saying that all whites are evil racists. So sending a high-level Jew out to attack the ADL in a bit of kayfabe as part of a strategy of deflecting scrutiny from Jews would be a smart play right about now.

That said, while Jews don’t actually believe in the right-left politics of the goyim, they do have disagreements on how best to serve the interests of the Jews. I do not have a hard time believing that the ZOA genuinely believes that the ADL is going too far.

I myself believe the ADL is going too far, and I support Jonathan Greenblatt being an extremely public figure. He is such a disgusting and villainous character that he makes the Jews look like not only extreme leftist lunatics but like evil maniacs hellbent on destroying the white Christian people (something which is in fact true).

Of course, disagreeing on strategy is tied up with using theatrics as part of a strategy. There are always layers of deceit coming from these demonic creatures.

Either way, the media will play this up as Jews disagreeing with each other, which sends this subconscious message that Jews are somehow both a tightly knit cult and also at odds with each other on basic matters of right-left politics. The media is run by Jews and all Jews always have an interest in not being seen as an organized power bloc.

The Eternal Jew

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to talk to some boomer about the Jews and being told that not all Jews are the same and some support right-wing politics.

I will say it again because it could never be said enough: the only thing the Jews care about is the Jews.

Hating Christianity is at the core of Jewishness, as it is the foundation of their cult. All Jews naturally support destroying Christianity for the sake of protecting Jews from Another Hitler.

However, Jews also tend to agree that Israel is a necessity for the Jewish race. ZOA puts Israel first, before trying to destroy the white race.

Greenblatt is also aggressively pro-Israel, but it is just simply bizarre the way he will denounce Republicans as evil for promoting policies for America that he promotes for Israel.

Last year, Tucker Carlson had an awesome segment about this.

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This is one of Greenblatt’s most hilarious behaviors, one of the main reasons I support him as the eternal head of the ADL. People see him calling for Tucker Carlson to be banned for saying “demographics are destiny” while he has that same thing on his website about Israel, and there is no other word to describe that other than “Jewish.”

However, despite Greenblatt basically calling for the extermination of whites while also aggressively promoting Jewish racial supremacy for Israel, most leftists do not support Israel. Therefore, you have to have these “right-wing Jews” who align with the GOP in order to push the Israel agenda. If you look at Ben Shapiro or Dennis Prager, you’ll find that they talk about their home country of Israel nearly as much as they talk about America. These people exist for no other reason than to convince conservatives to support Israel.

Everything Jews do is about the Jews. If that was not the case, they would stop being Jewish, and they would denounce the Jews as an evil cult based around the murder of Jesus Christ.