Japan: Joker Strikes Again! Burns the Train! Joker Wave Rising!

These days, we’ve got Jokers coming out the wazoo.

I’ll tell you what – I respect archaic English – I’m a big theatre respecter – but I’m really tired of “inflammable” meaning the same thing as “flammable.”


Police in Japan have arrested a man on a high-speed train after he sprinkled inflammable liquid and attempted to start a fire in one of the cars.

Approximately 30 passengers were travelling in the same car as the arsonist at the time of the incident on Monday morning, according to local media. All managed to escape unscathed to the other cars while a conductor put out the fire.

The 69-year-old fire-starter was arrested by police who boarded the train immediately after it made an emergency stop. The suspect, who did not resist arrest, later told authorities he “tried to copy” the Halloween knife and arson attack on a train in Tokyo last month, which saw a 24-year-old man dressed as the Joker – one of the villains featured in Batman films and comics – injure 17 passengers before being arrested.

The incident on Monday led to delays in train services of up to 50 minutes.

What these nips don’t understand is that we live in a society – and that’s why Jokers are going buckwild.

A recent poll found that 97% of Jokers believe that Gamers should rise up. Meanwhile, the public understands nothing about society or the plight of Gamers.