Jack Dorsey: “My Biggest Regret is That Twitter Became a Company”

Who would have thought that Jack Dorsey’s biggest regret is also my biggest regret?

If Twitter hadn’t become a company, I would have 6 million followers, and it wouldn’t matter where my domain was because everyone could just follow my Twitter for my articles. Also, I don’t say “6 million” as a rude Holocaust joke – that’s actually my estimate of how many followers I would have in 2022 if I hadn’t been banned from everything in 2017.


Twitter founder and former chief executive Jack Dorsey tweeted Thursday that he regrets the social media platform became a company.

The biggest issue and my biggest regret is that it became a company,” Dorsey tweeted in response to a question about whether Twitter turned out the way he had envisioned.

Dorsey stands to receive $978 million if the agreement for billionaire Elon Musk to buy Twitter is completed.

When asked about what structure he wished Twitter would operate under, Dorsey said that it should be “a protocol” and that Twitter should not be owned by a state or another company.

If it were a protocol, Twitter would operate much like email, which is not controlled by one centralized entity, and people using different email providers are able to communicate with one another.

Jack Dorsey never wanted to censor anyone. Once the company became too big to fail, however, “people”  (Jews, specifically) came in and pushed him around. He’s a weak person and instead of standing up to them, he just started doing drugs and dropped out of life, which is evidenced by his face.

While he was pouring his heart out on Thursday, someone asked him if the FBI told him to censor the Hunter Biden story.

It’s a stupid question. If you watched the Joe Rogan show where Tim Pool interrogated Dorsey, Dorsey had no idea what was even going on at the company. The company was run by that fat Indian woman, Vijayaja.

He had completely dropped out by 2018. He didn’t have any idea what was going on with anything, and was only a titular figurehead. Most of that time was spent in Burma or something, trying to connect to Eastern spirituality to fill the void left by the fact that his life’s work had been destroyed – and he’d let it happen.

He’s a tragic figure, and it is a tragedy what happened to his life. But it is much more tragic what his inability to fight for himself and his own project did to the world. If Twitter was still free, everything would be different. As I said above, even with my bans, I would be one of the top news media figures in the world. Or maybe I wouldn’t be – maybe there would be people saying the same things as me that would be more popular than me. But people who tell the truth would be among the most popular people, and there wouldn’t be any place for people like Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk, who simply can’t compete in an open marketplace of ideas.

It’s very sad that things had to be this way. But I suppose they were this way because they had to be this way. It’s likely that Jack Dorsey would have just been assassinated if he’d stood up. Tucker Carlson has said that he fully expects to end up in prison, and the stuff that would be going out on Twitter if it was free would be a lot more serious than anything Tucker Carlson says.