Ivanka Appears with Nipples Protruding Before the UN, Very Very Disrespectful

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2019

The one redeeming feature of Ivanka Trump is that she is making a farce out of everything. Nothing that she has touched or participated in will ever be taken seriously ever again.

And her balloonlike, anime-like tiddies are in big part to thank for that.

Hollywood Life:

Apparently it’s very cold inside the U.N. General Assembly room, or Ivanka Trump forgot to pack an important part of her undergarments on her trip to NYC.

Ivanka Trump had a really busy weekend attending designer pal Misha Nonoo’s Rome wedding, so maybe she didn’t have time to pack a bra when heading to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. She sure didn’t appear to be wearing one underneath her thin blue blouse on Sept. 23 while she watched her father Donald Trump‘s speech. As a result, the 37-year-old had a wardrobe malfunction, giving the attendees from all around the world an eyeful of the outline of her nipples through her shirt.

Aside from Ivanka’s apparent braless snafu, the rest of her outfit was quite pretty. She wore a $2,130 white knee-length Prada skirt that featured a pattern of yellow roses growing up it. The skirt was 3-D as the stems actually came off the skirt in dark green fabric. She paired it with shiny dark pumps and wore delicate hoop earrings as her only accessory. Unlike the elaborate hairdos she wore during Misha’s wedding weekend, Ivanka had her hair in a short pin-straight bob.

Even the Jews bow before the awesome power of her silicon milkers as though they were a couple of big hands of Moloch.

I do not know what Ivanka’s tiddies had to say to the nations of the world gathered in New York, but I am sure it was important – considering the state of agitation that they were in.

Unfortunately, the Russian delegation missed what her tiddies had to say because their diplomats were not given visas by the Jew-controlled US State Department, and therefore could not attend the meeting.

That was a nice little touch, you have to admit.

As if having Greta up there telling everyone to eat bugs wasn’t farcical enough, they decided to let Ivanka whore the place up even more than Nikki Haley did – and then not even let the Russians get a word in.

I think this means that we can finally put a bookmark in it and just totally forget about the UN even being a thing now. It is clearly no longer a serious organization because of the riff-raff it chooses to allow in and the people it chooses to not allow in, and should be treated as a more boring version of Cirque du Soleil from now on.

We should focus on more important things like crowd-funding a Space Elevator instead.

It would only cost 1 billion dollars and would allow us to send mutants, Jews and other undesirables hurtling through space on a budget.