It’s Time to Admit That George Floyd is Jesus

George Floyd once pointed a gun at a pregnant woman’s belly during a robbery.

He then died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest.

Before his death, he had a message for the world: “mommy, mommy, mommy – ouchie, ouchie, ouchie.”

But the world refused to listen to these words from the second coming of Christ.

New York Times:

In the summer of 2020, shortly after the murder of George Floyd, Kelly Latimore, a white artist who grew up surrounded by images of a white Jesus, decided to make a course correction. He’d paint the Virgin Mary and Jesus with gold halos encircling their heads — and both would be Black.

Also, his image of Jesus would resemble Floyd, a Black man who had been killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

The painting, titled “Mama,” attracted little notice in February after a copy was installed at the law school of the Catholic University of America in Washington. But in November, The Daily Signal, a conservative website, published an article about the work and about the university’s recently published report on diversity and inclusion, and students created a petition calling for its removal. That month, the painting was stolen.

The university replaced it in November with a smaller copy — the school’s policy was “not to cancel speakers or prevent speech by members of the community,” the university’s president, John H. Garvey, said in a statement after the theft — but now that copy, too, has been stolen. And the student government has passed a resolution calling for further displays of the work on campus to be banned, citing religious objections.

The debate over whether a private institution has the right to display or remove work that some students find offensive is one that has rippled across the country in recent years.

The same artist painted a gay Illuminati space Jesus.

You can look up the rest of his work – he specializes in blasphemy.

There’s probably an argument for displaying ALL art on campus.

But they sure as hell won’t display my art.

Honestly, I hope this “George Floyd is Jesus” thing picks up some steam.

I think people are really sick of hearing about how all whites are responsible for Floyd’s overdose, and they’re also sick of these attacks on Christmas and Jesus.

The Jewish anti-Christ HBO series Santa Inc is officially the lowest rated show in all of television history.

Reviewers won’t even review it.

What are they going to say?

“I really loved the jokes about poop and penises and vaginas that were really hilarious, and the message about how white people are evil and should be replaced with cruel Jewish women really spoke to me. I also love that the show allows Jews to spit in the face of Jesus Christ and all those who believe in him”?

Even the Jews themselves don’t want to touch that.

We also have this spate of Christmas tree burnings which appears to be a violent wave of terrorism at least partly inspired by this show.

I don’t believe HBO should be held responsible for it, any more than Parler should be held responsible for January 6. But the rules the Jews have created is that if someone puts out an idea, this can cause others to commit violence and then the person who put out the idea is responsible for the violence. That’s their claim.

I have been personally blamed for every single right-wing violent event in the last decade, even ones that are admitted to have been organized by the feds. I do not take responsibility, nor do I apologize or say I care that Moslems or Jews died or whatever – but I do always come out and say “I don’t support violence and have never encouraged it, and have consistently actively discouraged it.”

Neither Seth Rogan, nor Sarah Silverman, nor any of the producers at HBO have come out and made any comment at all about these violent anti-Christmas attacks. Zero.

At the very least, Rogan could say “although I hate Jesus, Christians and white people, I am opposed to this kind of violence.”


Instead he just makes this face, and calls you a goy, and claims he’s a victim:

I don’t know if the Jews thought people would like this, but it is very clear that people do not like this.

So, it’s not a big surprise that Santa Inc disappeared from the media, and I don’t think “George Floyd Jesus” is going to hang around much longer either.