It’s Amazing That People Aren’t Slaughtering Jews on the Street on an Industrial Scale

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2019

So I was watching this clip of the Jewish economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

He says:

The craziness really comes from cultural, ethnic issues more than anything else because you have a, uh, a lot of the real craziness comes like from rural white Americans who feel that they’re losing their country, they’re losing ownership of their country. And they’re right. We are becoming more diverse, more multicultural. And they are, in the end, they become, they’re not the future. In the end the power they still have will go away. But it’s a very difficult time until then.

And I’m just sitting here watching this and I’m like “how is it even possible that every single day, multiple times a day, white men are not shooting up banks, television studios, Hollywood studios, universities and every other center of Jewish power?”

How are they not setting off car bombs outside of Silicon Valley corporations?

How are there no targeted assassinations by rooftop snipers?

How are we not in the middle of a massive terrorist uprising?

How is there not a war on the street? 

How is it possible that these Jews are able to go on television and say “we are completely replacing you in your own country, we are taking away all of your power, eventually you will have nothing at all, and we are right in the middle of this process, just pushing through and trying to finish it up” and people are not staging a massive violent uprising across the entire country?

Look, friends – I’m a pacifist.

I’m not encouraging anything here. Lord knows.

I’m just asking from a merely practical standpoint – how is the entire population of this country just sitting by and letting the Jews do this to us, while we can all see them doing this to us, while they are out there in public bragging that they are doing this to us?

I’m simply asking: How is it physically possible for a people to simply sit by and watch themselves be exterminated like this? 

Why is no one really, really, really mad?