Italy: Moroccan Imam Jailed for Not Letting His Wife Leave the House

How is this not cultural imperialism?


A Moroccan imam was jailed for two years and three months Tuesday for confining his wife to their home, depriving her of all freedom of movement and beating her when she tried to rebel.

A Turin judge found the 40-year-old man guilty of domestic abuse.

The woman was unable to dress as she wished, was forced to eat in a separate room from men, was not free to decide anything and not even allowed to watch TV, the court heard.

She was only allowed to take care of her husband, the man’s home and their two children.

When she tried to say no she was insulted and sometimes beaten, the court heard.

Should not Moslems be allowed to make their own decisions about what their women do?

We are supposed to support “multiculturalism” – but every culture that comes to the West is subjected to anal Jewish cultural norms. They will put you in jail if you don’t follow Jewish vagino-analism.