Italy: Lampedusa Sees Record 50 Invader Boats in One Day

Remember when the 2015 migrant invasion was a big deal, and a topic of major discussion? Well, no one talks about it anymore, and it hasn’t stopped. It’s actually gotten worse.

These people just keep pouring in, and if someone with real power doesn’t do something really extreme, Europe is going to cease to exist within a generation.


The Italian island of Lampedusa saw a record-breaking number of migrant boats land this weekend, with 50 landings taking place within the space of just 24 hours.

The number of boat landings exceeds the previous record of 36 landings in a 24-hour period. At one point, an estimated 11 migrant boats arrive in the span of a single hour as the island, which lies between Tunisia and Sicily, again became overwhelmed.

Combined with migrant arrivals on the islands of Pantelleria and Marettimo, a total of around 2,000 migrants arrived illegally on Italian territory within a single day, the newspaper Il Giornale reports.

As a result of the landings, the migrant centre in Lampedusa, which is built to accommodate just 350 people, now hosts over 1,500. Authorities are trying to quickly transfer migrants to other areas to prevent living conditions from deteriorating.

Last year, Lampedusa saw around 35,000 migrants arrive. It is home to just 6,500 people normally.

Lampedusa is not the only island to be overwhelmed with arrivals. Pantelleria received nearly 400 migrants despite only having space for a hundred people, according to mayor Vincenzo Campo.

“I ask, since this is a European emergency, greater collaboration with other mayors of Trapani and Sicily to find a structure that can be more suitable. I also call for transfers to be carried out more quickly. We are in great difficulty and we need immediate intervention,” Mayor Campo said.

Yeah, nothing is happening.

You just have to have infinity blacks forever.

Unless there is revolutionary change, there isn’t going to be any change at all. It’s gone too far to be fixed by anything other than a total overhaul.

These people are going to have to be removed, physically.

That is going to take will, which doesn’t currently exist.

However, given the right conditions, the will could emerge like a switch being flipped. If you just got it to 25-30% of white males being hardcore, the rest of the population would just go along with it.

The problem, primarily, is censoring and government crackdowns on dissent preempting any kind of organized right-wing opposition.