Italy: At Least 20 Invaders Dead in Shipwreck, But Almost 150 Helped to Successfully Invade

Daily Stormer
November 27, 2019

You’re gonna get slightly less of this now. Feeling badfeels, Italianos?

When Salvini was in charge, we’d be getting white pills on a regular basis from Italy.

Now… not so much.

The Guardian:

At least 20 people were feared dead after a boat carrying hundreds of migrants to Europe capsized in stormy seas near the Italian island of Lampedusa, according to authorities.

Following the accident on Saturday, 149 migrants have been rescued, including 13 women and three children, but dozens were still missing, the Italian coastguard said in a statement.

Five bodies, all female, were recovered on Sunday by Italian officials.

Aren’t refugee women and children usually the rule, not the exception?

Here, they’re barely a tenth, but we’re not supposed to notice that, because noticing things is what Hitler did.

According to an initial reconstruction of events, the boat was carrying more than 160 people and had departed from Libya the previous day, taking advantage of a break in the bad weather. But according to the survivors, it soon ran into trouble when the wind whipped up.

Rough weather has hampered the search for those missing.

Well, at least Poseidon is still on our side.

There’s still no (((official))) explanation for why these “refugees” can’t just go to Tunisia, which is literally right next to Libya, and a country that millions of tourists around the world consider safe enough to visit every year.

The onset of autumn has not stopped migrants from attempting to reach Europe. On Thursday, the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms announced on Twitter it had rescued 73 migrants onboard a struggling boat early that morning. The NGO said some of the migrants were in shock and had “second to third-degree burns, gunshot wounds’’.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, more than 120 people were taken onboard the Ocean Viking, a rescue vessel operated by SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders.

On Monday, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch accused Italy of sharing responsibility for migrants’ rights violations by Libya.

This is your daily reminder that every single (((human rights organization))) is a Jewish pressure group and nothing else.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch were founded by this Jew and these Jews respectively.

On Tuesday, Italy’s former far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, was once again placed under formal investigation by prosecutors in Agrigento for allegedly kidnapping 83 migrants whom, last August, he had refused to disembark from an NGO rescue vessel.

’’Another investigation against me for having defended Italy’s borders? This is another medal for me and I would do it again’’, said Salvini, who, in June 2018 and while still in office, had declared Italian seaports closed to charity vessels saving shipwrecked asylum seekers.


This is their last, desperate attempt at removing Salvini – by putting him in prison.

It’s probably not gonna work, but they’ll still keep trying, even though he literally did nothing illegal.

Not letting people illegally enter your country is not illegal, I checked.

But this doesn’t matter right here, because Italy is a (((democracy))).

And we all know what that word means…