Israelis Kill Al-Jazeera Journalist Reporting on West Bank Conflict

The Jews of Israel, like the Jews of the Ukraine, have a policy of killing journalists on sight.

It’s unclear why it was this major international crisis when the Saudis killed one journalist, but Israelis killing journalists nonstop for decades, and Ukrainians killing every journalist they see since the invasion began, gets virtually no media coverage at all.

Meanwhile, the media constantly says that Putin kills journalists, yet none of them can name any journalist he killed. I will never forget during the 2016 campaign when George Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump why he doesn’t care that Putin kills journalists, and Trump was like “what journalists did he kill? Can you name one?” George started stuttering and could not in fact name any journalist.

The Ukrainians blew the legs off a Fox News journalist, and killed a former NYT journalist, among other high profile targeted murders.

Western journalists have stopped trying to cover Ukraine Democracy War on the ground because they know they will just be killed by the “Ukraine” people military and the media – their colleagues – will cover it up.

No Western media is saying anything about the latest journalist killed by Jews in Israel.

It’s almost like non-Jews are held to completely different standards to non-Jews.


Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian journalist who worked with Al Jazeera for over two decades, was killed on Wednesday while covering an Israeli military raid on the city of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank. The Palestinian authorities claim the Israeli military shot her in her head.

The 51-year-old was rushed to hospital after sustaining the critical injury but was pronounced dead, the Palestinian Health Ministry said, blaming Israeli forces for her death.

Al Jazeera called the incident a “heinous crime” and claimed the Israelis deliberately targeted Abu Akleh to intimidate the media. Eyewitnesses said she was struck by a bullet below her ear, bypassing the helmet she was wearing for protection, the outlet said.

“We call on the international community to condemn and hold the Israeli occupation forces accountable for the deliberate killing of our colleague,” the statement said.

Another Palestinian journalist, Ali Samoudi, was reportedly hit in the back in Jenin on Wednesday and is in stable condition, according to the Palestinian authorities.

The Israeli side has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the death of Abu Akleh.

Being Jewish is literally life on easy mode.

You can just commit murder with impunity.

Let us not forget: generations of Jews had to work to subdue the goyim and make it so Jews are just allowed to get free money from everyone and kill whoever they want. This current crop of Jews needs to be thankful and remember the hard work of their forefathers in putting the goyim in their place.