Ireland: Government Wants to Criminalize Praying in Front of Moloch Tem… I Mean Abortion Centers

They’re going to make Christianity de facto illegal.

They already are doing that.


Pro-life advocates in Ireland have denounced government action towards outlawing even silent prayer outside of abortion clinics as a violation of the rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and peaceful protest.

As the Christian Institute reported Wednesday, the Irish government has put forth legislation establishing “buffer zones” within 100 meters of abortion clinics, which would criminalize prayer as well as the distribution of pro-life literature, with fines of up to €2,500 and six months in jail.

According to the proposed legislation, any action aimed at influencing a woman’s decision regarding abortion would be illegal outside hospitals, community care centers, and other locations where abortions could be performed.

The law will introduce “exclusion zones around all hospitals, all GP practices and Well Woman or Irish Family Planning Association services,” RTE reported.

Advocates of the bill hope the process of pre-legislative scrutiny can begin in September to allow for the passage of the law before the end of the year.

Eilis Mulroy, Campaign Manager at the Pro-Life Campaign, said the proposal pushed by Irish Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly sets a “very dangerous precedent for denying freedom of expression and the right to peacefully assemble in public areas.”

“The fact that citizens could be jailed under this proposal for silently expressing a position in public is utterly alarming,” she stated.

Why is Ireland so gay and retarded?

This used to be like, the best country in Europe.

I remember this documentary about Shane MacGowan from The Pogues. He grew up in like a shack that looked like something from a Manila slum and everyone was just sitting around in silence, drunk. I saw that and I was like “Ireland is awesome, these people are hardcore.”

The Pogues were a fun band too, and Shane was nuts.

“If I Should Fall From Grace With God” will always be my personal theme song.

I think I heard that line as a kid – “this land was always ours, it’s the proud land of our fathers – it belongs to us and them, not to any of the others” – and it turned me into a Nazi. (It’s especially awesome because his fatherland is like, a field with a hill with a Filipino-style shack on it, and he’s like “we’ll kill all these people.”)

Plus the theme of the song – death not being a big deal – is a theme of my life.

Nazism and laughing at death are both sort of teenage things. But it stuck with me.

Now the Irish are just a bunch of faggots and baby murderers.

These are the kind of monsters that pray in front of Moloch’s temples