Inquisition: Witch Publicly Shamed on TV, Forced to Confess in Bid to Wipe Out Sorcery in Chechnya

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

We should have never stopped burning witches. It was hilarious.

Daily Mail:

An alleged witch was forced to repent on local TV as part of a campaign by a local pro-Vladimir Putin strongman to wipe out sorcery.

Sekinat Ibragimova was popular in Chechnya where locals asked her to cast spells on former spouses or seek help passing exams.

But as part of a campaign against wizardry by local ruler Ramzan Kadyrov, she was detained and publicly shamed.

In a confession on the main TV station in regional capital Grozny she told viewers: ‘I was on the wrong path.

Don’t ask me for help anymore.

What do they mean “alleged” witch?

She looks like a witch.

Just burn her already.

Pictures showed her ‘witch’s paraphernalia’ and a video showed Ibragimova with another unidentified woman.

Photographs were shown of those she had ‘helped’ during her six years claiming to practice black magic.

Among the items seized from here were locks, keys, soil from cemeteries, and papers with obscure inscriptions.

Police said such items were typical for sorcerers.

In July police had become suspicious of another alleged witch named Eset Esambayeva whovisited graveyards to carry out mysterious rituals involving melting of lead, said reports.

She failed to explain herself,’ said one account.

Esambayeva ‘pleaded guilty and begged for forgiveness’.

‘Raids against wizards have been carried on the initiative of Ramzan Kadyrov for several years,’ explained a TV presenter.

An organisation called the Islamic Medicine centre is involved in the recent witch exposure.

It ‘takes care of people who suffered from fake healers and sorcerers’.

It claims to help up to 100 people a day who are ‘obsessed with genies’.

If by “help” they mean “burn the witches responsible,” then good.

These cases from Chechnya could be described as closest to the “traditional” idea of witchcraft in the minds of people. Old woman drawing weird symbols, visiting graveyards, casting spells on spouses — pretty much what most people would imagine when the topic of witchcraft comes up.

But what about the most prevalent form of witchcraft nowadays? The form that is mass-performed on society?

What about these spells?

What about the pop music spells?

What about money?

What about all the other things plaguing our day to day life?

It would be nice to start doing some cleanup and get these things off our shoulders.

TV witch trials are a good place to start, even if flames are not involved… yet.