Indiana University Erects Sculpture of Pedo Scientist Alfred Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey was a chronic masturbator and pedophile homosexual weirdo. He has been celebrated as a hero by the left for normalizing homosexuality with fake studies.

The studies were totally fake and have since been discredited wholly. But he is still celebrated because of the impact of his academic fraud.

Daily Caller:

Indiana University erected a sculpture of a sex researcher who is accused of defending pedophilia and child sex abuse, according to a statement from the university.

Alfred C. Kinsey studied the sexual behaviors of adults and minors and founded a leading sexuality research institute, “The Kinsey Institute,” in 1947. The university announced on Sept. 9 that a sculpture memorializing Kinsey and his “enduring contributions” was installed at the institute’s original site.


Justin Garcia, the executive director of the Kinsey Institute, said in the announcement that the statue demonstrates the school’s “ongoing commitment to equity regarding sexual diversity.”

Kinsey joined Indiana University’s faculty in 1920 wherein he gathered the sex histories of individuals for research, according to the university. He published two books on the sexual behavior of males and females and appears to have had a perverse view of child sexuality.

Kinsey argued in his work that children who are used for “adult gratification” are not being abused. He appeared to believe that adults who manipulate children to orgasm are only helping the child find his or her “own authentic and autonomous sexuality,” according to British sociologist Sarah Goode. He did not believe that “sex offenders” or pedophiles existed, and reportedly did not believe that sex offenders should be held criminally liable.

The artist who created the statue memorializing Kinsey often creates art about “sex, the power of sexual attraction, reproduction, and motherhood,” the university said in the statement. “I embrace the human body and sexuality in all forms, and I create sculptures with the goal of articulating the ambiguous and vulnerable feelings that accompany the human experience,” the artist said.

They are going to keep pushing this.