India: Surgeon Wants to Do First Womb Transplant on Trannies

Who would have thought India would be at the forefront of tranny surgery?

Actually, I would have thought that, because India doesn’t have laws where you can sue the doctor if someone dies in a bizarre Frankenstein experiment that they signed up for.

Daily Star:

A doctor hopes to complete the first ever womb transplant on a transgender woman who was born male.

The organs needed for the woman to become pregnant would come from either a dead donor or from a transgender man who had his reproductive organs removed.

Dr Narendra Kaushik who is planning the ground-breaking surgery says the hopeful mum could in theory have a baby by IVF.

The surgeon, who is based in India’s capital New Delhi, said: “Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible.

“And that includes being a mother. The way towards this is with a uterine transplant, the same as a kidney or any other transplant.

“This is the future. We cannot predict exactly when this will happen but it will happen very soon.

“We have our plans and we are very very optimistic about this.”

Womb transplants have already been carried out in Denmark, from one cis-woman to another but this would be the first to a transgender female, Professor Simon Fishel said.

Dr Kshuik said that around 20% of his patients are from overseas, with many flying from the UK.

Business is booming at his Olmec clinic in New Delhi, with the surgeon recently opening a purpose-built centre to meet demand.

It comes as India is now surpassing Thailand as the destination of choice for this kind of surgery, the Mirror reports.

“Many of our patients tell us that their sexual partners don’t even notice that they weren’t born with female sex organs,” said Dr Kaushik.

“And that’s our aim, to make it so that they live as normal a life as possible as a woman. We aim for an aesthetic ideal”

Womb transplants, which cost thousands of pounds, are still considered to be an experimental procedure.

There has only been one well-known case of a trans woman having a uterus transplant – but she died just months later after suffering complications.

Yeah, that’s the issue. People die.

But eventually, all of this stuff will be possible. They are brainwashing all of these little kids so they can use them in their experiments.