India Doing Massive Non-Dollar Trade Deals with Russia

So, if India is just going to stop trading in dollars…

Then why would any other country continue to trade in dollars…?

And if no one trades in dollars, then what is the “US economy,” exactly? Just pornography and human suffering, I think.


India’s imports of Russian coal increased dramatically in July with the South Asian nation switching to non-dollar payments to secure deals, Reuters reports. Moscow is trying to avoid dollar transactions amid US sanctions, describing the currency as ‘toxic.’

In July, Russia became India’s third-largest coal supplier with imports surging by more than a fifth to a record 2.06 million tons compared to the previous month.

In June, Indian buyers paid for at least 742,000 tons of Russian coal using currencies other than the US dollar, which is equal to 44% of the 1.7 million tons of Russian imports that month, the agency cites a summary of deals compiled by a trade source based in India using customs documents.

In recent weeks, Indian steelmakers and cement manufacturers have purchased Russian coal using the UAE dirham, the Hong Kong dollar, the Chinese yuan and the euro, customs documents reviewed by the agency show.

The Chinese yuan totaled 31% of the non-dollar payments for Russian coal last month, while the Hong Kong dollar accounted for 28%. The euro made up under a quarter and the Emirati dirham around one-sixth, according to data from the trade source.

Right now, the US is trying to start a war with China in India.

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But it wouldn’t take very much for India to say “wait, hold on.”

Indians really hate Chinese people. Like, a lot. But at some point, they are going to have to say “are we really going to lose all of our money and go into a world war, which we will probably lose, over an ethnic hatred?”

I think India’s PM, Modi, is pretty savvy, frankly.

He’s also considered India’s most “China-friendly” PM since India gained independence from Britain.

It doesn’t really seem totally likely that he’s going to take kindly to this US bullying campaign. Thus far, India has just ignored it, and I don’t think they’re going to go along with these drills for very long once they figure out the US is trying to start a war with China.

You might say: “Anglin, how can you know that the US is trying to start a war with China in India, and the Indians don’t know?”

I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe the Indians do know, and they’re just trying to figure out how to deal with it, or maybe they just can’t believe what is happening in front of them.

But: the US is looking to establish some kind of permanent presence on the India-China border, because they are looking to start up war troubles there.

India is really key to everything that is happening, actually. And they seem to mostly be leaning in the correct direction. I watch Indian TV, and these people are really sick of being bullied by America. But they also really hate China. So, it could go either way.