If People Didn’t Get Mad About Gays or Child Trannies, They’re Not Going to Get Mad About Pedophiles

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You would think people would be outraged by the pedophile thing.

For like 20 years now, pedophiles are the only things you’re allowed to be outraged about. They normalized homosexuality in all its forms. They normalized BDSM and bestiality (sex with animals, specifically white women having sex with dogs, which virtually all of them do).

But they kept saying: the one sacred thing is kids. That’s the one thing you can never violate.

Actually, however – not really. It’s actually pretty easy to violate. No one will do anything.

This is because you either stand on normal Christian morality or you don’t. Heterosexual pedophilia is not as bad as homosexuality, in terms of the order of nature and in terms of God’s law (but I repeat myself). There is nothing in the Bible or in common sense that says you have to wait until a woman is 18 to have sex with her. Obviously, if the girl is so young that her body is too small for sex, this is bad – but it still does not even approach the evil of homosexuality, which is one of only four sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

Now you have child trannies. Injecting a child with hormones and then possibly mutilating their genitals is orders of magnitude worse than raping a child. It’s even worse than gay rape.

Just think about it: would you rather be anally raped at 5 years old, or injected with hormones that permanently alter your biology and make it impossible for you to develop as a normal man? If you take these hormones, you’re going to be shorter and have a smaller penis, you will probably be sterile, but it’s also insidious. There are much deeper things that happen to your psychology.

So, yes: people accepted gays, they accepted child trannies, so saying “well, actually we’re just going to have sex with the kids also” is just natural to accept.

Most of this is homosexual sex, by the way. For all of the screeching about “pedophilia,” if we go to the actual definition, it is basically purely a homosexual phenomenon. They mix in actual pedophilia – that is, sexual acts with a pre-pubescent child – with like, some guy having sex with a pubescent girl under 16. We’ve already normalized homosexuality so now “pedophilia” (or MAP) includes everything from a homosexual molesting a 5-year-old to a normal guy having sex with a 15-year-old who lied about her age.

So it’s all just a complete mess, and all these people saying “oh, people will finally think we’ve gone too far when they start promoting pedophilia” are just morons.

As soon as you stray from God’s law (also the law of nature, it’s the same thing), you are in a void where anything sickening can and will happen.

God’s law includes death to homosexuals and no sex outside of marriage, regardless of age. A woman, like any other mammal, is fit for sex when she becomes fertile* (sorry, white knights, but that’s just basic biology 101 – the reason they start bleeding is that they’re ready to have a baby).

*I understand that because of chemicals in the environment, girls are entering puberty much earlier than they naturally would, often before their bodies are large enough to successfully carry a child. So that creates a new dynamic, where it’s not a hard rule that “if it bleeds it breeds.” But again, we violated the natural order to create this situation. When we found that these chemicals we were putting into the environment were altering human biology in fundamental ways, we should have immediately stopped producing the chemicals and done everything we could to remove them from the environment. But humans think they are gods, that they can play God, so now we have a society of mutants. So, yes, that should be taken into account, obviously. But the facts remain the same, and saying “you shouldn’t consummate the marriage if the puberty is precocious” is like saying you shouldn’t marry a girl with Down syndrome.

There are only two paths: God’s path and the other thing. You can’t say “well, we’ll do part of God’s path, but also, consenting adults in their own bedrooms.” No. There is only one path. Period. I don’t blame protestantism for this purely, as obviously there were a lot of hardcore protestants. When it comes to like, puritans, some protestants were too hardcore with this no smoking, no drinking, no dancing stuff (maybe going too far led to things swinging in the other direction – who knows).

Whatever happened, something happened in the 1960s in America, where people really rebelled against God. Then in the 1970s through the 1990s, this rebellion against God was institutionalized, culminating in legalizing abortion, legalizing no-fault divorce (abandoning the concept of marriage as a contract), and then legalizing homosexuality.

Once you’re on that path, you can either reverse it, or you can ride it all the way to Hell. America and the West chose to ride it all the way to Hell.

People are always going to sin, you’re always going to have fornication and homosexuality. But these are deviancies, and the people committing them must recognize them as deviancies, and never normalize them or say that they are somehow not wrong. When people do that they’re gone from being sinners (we are all sinners) to believing they are gods.

This isn’t really complicated.

The evangelicals of the 1980s and 1990s, for all their faults, sort of understood this concept when they were saying that legalizing gays would eventually lead to legalizing everything. I have gone back and looked at this stuff, however, and they weren’t really framing it correctly. They were framing it as something purely practical. In one sense, it is practical, sure. But the most important thing is to draw this line of distinction between God’s path and not God’s path.