Hungary: EU is the Loser of the Ukraine War

It was common wisdom among basically everyone that when winter started approaching, NATO and the gang would have to figure out some kind of solution to the Ukraine problem. Basically, they would have to negotiate a surrender to Russia.

Instead, they are doing the opposite, and the EU is upping the sanctions and apparently trying to goad Russia into shutting off the gas, which everyone assumes will cause an economic crisis for Europe.


The EU has suffered severe political and economic damage from its handling of the situation in Ukraine, and can already be declared the loser in the conflict, the speaker of Hungary’s National Assembly claimed on Sunday.

Laszlo Kover, who is a member of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party, accused Brussels of failing to prevent the conflict through political means, with the result that it’s “unable to restore peace diplomatically.”

“Under external pressure, the EU is acting against its most basic economic interests and should already be considered a loser, regardless of which of the parties directly involved in fighting will declare itself the winner,” he said.

Powers outside Europe are trying to condemn the bloc’s members to “military vulnerability, political subjugation, economic and energy incapacity, financial indebtedness and social disintegration,” with Brussels helping them to achieve this goal, the parliament speaker claimed.

The EU is grappling with soaring natural gas prices, the prospect of energy shortages in winter and spiking inflation in the wake of sanctions it imposed on Russia over its military operation in Ukraine.

Brussels has largely followed the US stance of seeking to weaken Russia through sanctions, while supplying Kiev with weapons and financial aid.

Hungary is the only rational actor on the Western side. The rest of these states are acting against their own interests, and they are even in some ways acting against the interests of global Judaism.

It’s unclear what Jews get out of this. They have total dominance over the Western states, which are all nothing more than ZOG puppets, so it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to crash these countries, and then try to compete with Russia and China, countries that are not run by the Jews.

Frankly, insofar as the real losers are the EU, the real winners are right-wing extremists who want the US government to collapse.