Hot Miami Nights: Israeli Infiltrator Jacob Wohl vs. Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

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The tape of the showdown between the Jewish-Israeli financial criminal and Israeli spy Jacob Wohl and Aryan Gamer Nick Fuentes has finally dropped.

The showdown was part of an event entitled “DEMAND FREE SPEECH.” The September 28 Miami fiasco, which was originally scheduled to take place on a yacht but ended up being held in a Messican restaurant, also featured various other e-celebrities no one has ever probably even heard of before.

There was some confusion as to where the tape was, with some claiming that Joe Biggs had destroyed the tapes to protect the Israeli spy Wohl, who was humiliated during the event by the Epic Gamer and actual American Fuentes.

This made sense, as I figured he was probably having a flashback to the Iraq war as soon as someone said something negative about Israel. “It’s lucky he didn’t start screaming about the only democracy in the Middle East and actually shooting people’s heads off,” I thought.

But no, that was all a rumor, for the tape exists intact.

The rest of the event I’m told was sort of sad, with everyone getting booed and heckled for pushing establishment-tier cuckservative talking points. This is because everyone in the audience was a gamer, a groyper or an incel who came to see Nick Fuentes and also probably to try to touch Kathy Zhu’s hair.

I’m told that whenever Nick was not on stage, everyone in the audience made this face:

Whereas, of course, when Nick was on stage, they were making this face:

Anyway, here’s a longer video stream, that features a lot of people getting booed and heckled for supporting feminism and anal sex and so on.

(I don’t actually know what is in that video, I only watched the one at the top of the page.)

This article has been updated to reflect the fact that this crew was run off of a yacht and forced into a Messican restaurant.