Holy Shit! Jeff Bezos Just Publicly Accused Elon Musk of Being a Chinese Agent!

Jeff Bezos very, very rarely makes provocative public statements. In fact, he rarely makes any statements at all, even about his companies. He owns the Washington Post, and that is widely considered to be his public media outlet.

So when he comes out and effectively accuses Elon Musk of being a Chinese agent – that is quite a thing.

That statement would be incredible if Jeff Bezos was a Donald Trump type person who just fires off whatever. But again – he is not that type of person.

Which means the only single possible reason he would say something like this is that he is freaking out.

Elon has been at war with Bill Gates for years.

But as far as I am able to tell, Musk represents the majority of old Silicon Valley, and probably the money. Bezos and Gates – and Mark Zuckerberg for that matter – are looked at as usurpers who came in and redirected the entire project of the internet and computer technology into a terrible, weird, ultra-political and ultra-elitist direction.

Meanwhile, Jack Dorsey came out and said that Musk’s plan for Twitter was the best thing that could have happened.

I have always argued that Jack had good intentions but was simply a weak personality who wasn’t able to stand up to bullying from the ADL and blue-haired lesbians, and so basically took his leave from the company, going on a drug trip while allowing it to be run by these people.

Bezos understands what is going on here – Elon’s takeover of Twitter with the populist goal of restoring freedom of speech is the biggest power play anyone has made in a very long time. We are seeing teams emerging now, as the elite fractures.

The accusation that Elon is a Chinese agent is outrageous and insane, and Bezos should be sued. “Leverage over Twitter” doesn’t even make any sense. You can’t work out what that means. It is just a sassy, feminine way to accuse Musk of being a Chinese agent.

Bezos soon backed down.

But not really.

He intended to poison the well, and send a signal that he, as an American oligarch, is opposed to whatever Elon is up to.

In some way, there is something there – China and Elon Musk could make a deal, whereas China and the current ruling elite could not ever make any deal. So it would make sense for China and Russia to back whatever maneuver Elon and his allies have planned here.

Jeff Bezos is more competent than Bill Gates and anyone in Washington. But how far in is he on this agenda? He doesn’t attend the WEF meetings, and aside from owning the Washington Post, he doesn’t make a point to push a leftist agenda in the way that many of these people do. Then you also have his own deep and deeply profitable relationship with China. I’d put him in the category of people who could switch sides, as he doesn’t strike me as someone who really cares much about the Judeo-anal vision of the future. Bezos is a weirdo, but doesn’t seem to be a pervert.

Pray for Elon.