“Highest Inflation Since 1981” is a Canard – This is the Highest Inflation Ever, By a Lot

Numbers out this morning put inflation at an alleged 8.3%, and the whole media is claiming that this is “at a 40-year high.”

It’s not actually at a 40-year high. It’s the highest inflation ever.

When they claim it is merely a 40-year high, this makes people think “oh well, at least at some point in the past it was as bad as it is now and the world didn’t end back then so this must be okay.”

Woe unto ye.

They have repeatedly changed the way inflation is calculated and then compared the numbers calculated using the newer – and much more dishonest – methods to previous numbers that were calculated in another way.

Here’s the thing: if they were going to change the way inflation was calculated, and this wasn’t some kind of scam, they would go back and retroactively change the previous calculations. You see this with money, where they say “in today’s dollars.”

Here’s an easy example: Gone with the Wind is still the highest grossing film of all time, although it only made $390 million – because $390 million in 1939 is nearly 4 billion dollars in current dollars.

Honest people will admit that Gone with the Wind is the highest grossing movie of all time, and it is pretty much always put at the top of lists because people calculate the change in the value of dollars.

This isn’t a precise analogy, but it’s the same concept.

Here’s another example: what if you were calculating temperature in Celsius, and the hottest day of the year was 35 degrees. Then you started calculating temperature in Fahrenheit, and the hottest day of the year was then 105 degrees, and you started saying “the hottest day of the year was three times hotter than the previous hottest day of the year”?

That’s what changing the way inflation is calculated is like.

Here’s an article from CNBC from 2011, which is for some reason still online, and actually explains this situation pretty well:

CNBC apparently forgot about that article, and is continuing to print this “40-year high” disinformation.

Among other changes, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) started claiming that if an iPad 2 cost the same as an iPad 1, you were actually saving money on the iPad – because the 2 has improvements! Given that electronics have become something people spend a lot of money on, this is a big way they manipulate the CPI.

Then you have the major thing which is changing the CPI’s cost of goods index (COGI) to a cost of living index (COLI). The basic concept behind the COGI/COLI transformation is that instead of comparing one product to another product over time, they started measuring the spook of “standard of living.” Honestly, I would be lying to you if I told you I understood all that this entails, but it is a series of math equations that has the clear and obvious purpose of allowing the government to report much lower inflation numbers than they previously reported.

Peter Schiff is right about one thing and it’s this. He was on Tucker Carlson in December of 2021 when the government was claiming that inflation was only 7%, and explained that if you calculated it using the 1982 system, it would actually be 15% – which is higher than the highest ever of 13% in 1980.

I hope Tucker brings him back on to do that segment again. Or he could bring on some Bitcoin guy. Everyone in libertarian circles is aware of this major factoid, and they’re all about ready to smash their heads against the wall looking at this “highest in 40 years” line the media is shilling.

If you read the government’s explanation for this, they will say that they made the CPI “more accurate.” Well, okay – it’s going to be a relative number regardless. But if it’s more accurate, then go back and adjust the 13% in 1980 using the current method of calculation, which would make it about 5%. Then admit that our very accurate 8.3% is the highest in all of American history – by a lot.

Another thing that people are pointing out – although it is really not even necessary to point this out – is that in the 1980s, it was a momentarily out-of-control situation which was quickly reined in, whereas right now we are just dropping off a cliff.

Crypto Situation

As far as the crypto situation – Bitcoin just fell off a cliff.

Is it going back up? Well, I would think so. People are pulling money out of Bitcoin to cover losses in other places, which is causing the price to drop. This was always going to happen if they raised interest rates, because Bitcoin had started tracking with the stock market.

It could shoot back up or it could go way lower. No one has any idea. There are too many factors involved here. However, in the long run, people are going to start using it instead of US dollars. Or maybe China will release a digital yuan, and people will start using that.

What is clear: the dollar is not sustainable. They are burning it out. The current government – along with all of these special interest groups that control the government – are looting the national treasury.