HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING: Nancy Releases Itinerary – No Taiwan! Cucked!

Turns out, Pelosi was only going to Taiwan for the beaches. When she realized there were beaches in Indonesia, she changed her plans. This had nothing to do with menacing China with claims of US sovereignty over parts of China. Jeez. Let a bitch take a dip.

This should really be published as an update to the China article I already published before this statement was released, but this morning I spent 5 hours writing down a cinematic dream I had, and the staff is gone because it’s Sunday.

So I’m publishing this as a separate article.


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Asian countries including Singapore and Japan in her trip to the region, according to a statement from her office that skipped any mention of a possible stopover in Taiwan.

Pelosi will lead a congressional delegation that will also visit Malaysia and South Korea, according to the statement on Sunday. The trip will focus on mutual security, economic partnership and democratic governance in the Indo-Pacific region, it said.

Reports that her travel would include a stop in Taiwan had sparked a furious reaction in China, which regards the self-governing island as part of its territory. Beijing has warned there will be consequences if Pelosi visits, including a Defense Ministry statement that implied China might use military force in response.

China held live-fire military drills in the Taiwan Strait on Saturday. The exercises took place off the coast of Fujian province opposite Taiwan.

Bloomberg reported last week that Pelosi would also stop in Indonesia, which is set to host a Group of 20 leaders summit in November. Yet Sunday’s statement contained no mention of a stop in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy.

This was the most retarded possible series of events by the United States government, yet again. Why leak that you are planning to visit Taiwan and then back down when China responds in the most predictable possible way? Why purposefully put yourself in a position where you have to cower on the world stage?

This is like asking “why demand that all of Europe pretend that Russia sent rockets at its own POW camp full of war criminals who have agreed to testify about their behaviors?”

These are just this week’s examples of what I like to call “unforced errors.”

These are situations you just as easily could have not created. You can go to Asia and threaten China, you don’t need to claim you’re going to Taiwan, especially if you’re not willing to go through with an obvious game of chicken you’re creating. You can simply denounce any war crimes tribunal in the Donbass as a result of torture. If, separately, you want to bomb something in a reverse false flag to claim that Russia is doing false flags against itself, you can pick a more logical target than an Azov POW camp. You don’t have to hit the POW camp with the HIMARS.

This behavior is ridiculous, and it is getting more ridiculous by the day and perhaps by the hour.

Part of it is obviously that there is a “downward spiral effect” happening. There is no solution to the China problem just as there is no solution to the Russia problem. There probably were solutions a few years ago, possibly even at the beginning of the Biden Administration, but there aren’t now. If the US hadn’t planned a delegation to Taiwan and backed down, or hadn’t allowed the “Ukraine” people to blow up a POW camp full of their own elite soldiers, the US would only be in a slightly less bad but still totally unwinnable situation.

Desperation always leads to worse decision-making, hence the term “desperation.”

People have accused me of doom-mongering, but lately I feel like I’m coming on here and saying “I don’t really think this is as bad as it actually looks…” a whole lot. I don’t think that “cooler heads will prevail,” but I also don’t think it is actually as bad as it looks.

I’m sticking with “increasingly dumber decisions leading to increasingly less power of the US government.” Of course, the big deal is if the dollar falls off a cliff. But even if that happens, it doesn’t mean nuclear war and it doesn’t really necessarily even mean calorie shortages in the US, let alone starvation. It would mean general “food shortages” and “power outages” and “homelessness” and “rampant public violence” – but we already have all of those things!

The fact is, history is going to recount 2022 as a year of “apocalyptic falloff.” You’re right in the middle of it right now. This is what it feels like. Yes, maybe the dollar collapsing will be worse by some measure, but I think the tone is already set. Think of it like the song “Hotel California.” It has a guitar solo. You can check, it has a guitar solo. It’s worse than the rest of the song, but the song is so horrible that you don’t really notice that this particular part of the song is more horrible than the rest of the song.

Don Felder was like “this song isn’t shitty enough. Bring out the double guitar and let’s turn it into double dog shit.” But you didn’t know it was double dog shit because you just heard dog shit. Hotel California is the song of our lives.