Groyper War: Charlie Kirk Gets SQUASHED LIKE AN INSECT in Houston! Flees Event with Jeering Mob in Pursuit!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

Apparently, Charlie Kirk was trying to keep people from knowing about his event in Houston on Thursday. I found out about it only two hours before, and posted about it, and people said “I’m leaving work and heading over.”

Nick Fuentes also only posted about it a few hours before it was scheduled to start.

But we got a bunch of our guys there.

It was some kind of weird outside thing, where he sat at a table. Once again there was no official camera, so we relied on some very low quality cellphone streams where you couldn’t really hear anything.

There was one Based Black Guy in a MAGA hat who asked about Nick. Then at some point the crowd started to get loud (I thought they should have gotten loud before this point, because it was boring and Charlie was being a retard).

So Charlie unveils this television and tries to play a clip of Nick Fuentes – from when he was 17, in November of 2015 – when he said that he thought Donald Trump should drop out because he wasn’t a serious candidate.

This is way before Nick was redpilled, he was only 17, everyone knows he was a normie Republican until he went to college and started reading some certain websites. But Charlie thought this was a gotcha – I guess because Nick keeps posting his tweets where he was never Trump even after Trump got the nomination.

Over the last week, literally, Kirk has been going back and deleting tweets from just before the RNC.

On the 8th, he was stalking Nick’s feed, and deleted a tweet as soon as Nick quote-tweeted it.

Then he deleted another one just Wednesday.

I’m not sure when he deleted this one, but it was recently as well.

(Remember, this is a guy who brags about how he’s friends with men who ram their penises into other men’s anuses.)

Anyway – apparently, Charlie got it in his head that he was going to do this same thing to Nick, so he brought out this TV.

The only problem was, the video didn’t work.

I mean, I think there would have been problems either way. I’m not sure whose idea this TV thing was. It was surreal to have him unveil it like this.

“How is this real?” were my exact words.

There was a crisis management advisor at the event who kept whispering in Charlie’s ear.

But just imagine thinking that as you’re explaining why you won’t debate this guy, bringing a TV to show his face is a good idea.

Following the weird failed TV stunt, the mob got angry and started chasing Charlie away. He literally had to flee, with a group of people chasing after him booing and calling him a coward.

I don’t see how this can go on.

How can a person be a campus representative of Conservative, Inc. when he can’t appear on a campus without getting chased off by campus conservatives?

I mean, donors have to be pulling their money, don’t they?