Gregorian Chants for Prayer

Maybe some people feel unmotivated to pray every day or do not fully get into the process. I have found that certain music can help, and the best, at least for beginners, is Gregorian chants.

The natural best prayer is in nature, alone, in the silence with only the sound of the animals. However, most of us do not live in nature, and I find that without that silent, clean, pure peace that comes from a natural environment, listening to recorded prayer music can assist in the prayer process.

All of the traditional Gregorian chants are similar and repetitive by nature, so for the most part, anything labeled as a “Gregorian chant” will do. The above embed has something more than the chants, and is more of a “vibe” track. (I think this is fine and God will not resent you for listening to the one with some music.) This can also be used to clear the mind.

The pure chants are much better once you are familiar, though the above is more accessible. Here is a pure chant. (This one has track breaks, which many of the modernized versions do not have. However, it is a good example – you should become familiar with the music and make your own decisions.)


These songs can make a place in an otherwise godless environment feel holy.

Remember: first and foremost of anything you will do in your life is your relationship with God. This comes before sex and family, and even before physical health. I have always stated that people must put their health first, and I believe that this is incontrovertibly true, but improving your spiritual health will assist in improving your physical health. If you are fat or otherwise gross, you must remove the gluttony and sloth, but prayer should accompany diet and exercise either way. That is to say: if you are fat, don’t wait until you are fit to prioritize your relationship with God.

We all know that the most hideous, fat filth we encounter is godless. The fat women and pudgy skinnyfat faggots are an abomination before the Lord. The spirit of God IS the spirit of health and fitness, for God tells us that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The best day to begin a routine of prayer is always today. Whatever your denomination, you should also be taking the Eucharist as often as possible. This can only help your physical body, as there is a very direct link between the physical body and the soul that inhabits it, and God tells us to keep both of these things pure – body and soul. They are companions in this life in such a way that neither can be truly healthy without the other.

Clearly, the purity of spirit assisting in the purity of the physical body is self evident, but we also do not see very many champion athletes thanking the Big Bang Theory for their achievements. You will find that just as most fit men are right-wing, they also tend to be religious. Of course, most right-wing people tend to be religious, so all of these things are fundamentally connected to the “golden path” of life.

I will not claim that there were not good religious men that were fat, or physically fit men who were atheist – both of these things are of course possible. But on average, anyone who is spiritually healthy is going to be physically healthy, and the reverse. Just so, anyone who is physically fat is much more likely to be spiritually void, and anyone who is spiritually void is more likely to be fat.

Everyone should take note of this reality, and improve themselves as much as possible as we face these challenges.

Always remember: if you are getting physically fit, you are not doing it for women, you are doing it for yourself, and for God. If you try to get physically fit in order to appeal to women, you will find that it doesn’t really work. Yes, obviously if you are a fat blob, women will respond better to you if you lose the blobishness, but if you get into good shape, this will not be noticed or complimented by women. Men might compliment it. But everyone should go into fitness for the right reasons, and those are your own health, self-esteem, and happiness and your relationship with God, submission to Him, and service of Him.

In fact, I would argue: female approval should not be the primary driver for any behavior. First and foremost should be taking care of yourself and forming a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everything flows from that first point. After building a relationship with God, you will then be capable of leaving your sexual issues, and all of your other problems, in God’s hands.

All you can really do in this life is what is right, and that starts with purity. Physical purity comes from a good diet and exercise and spiritual purity comes from prayer and familiarity with God’s Word and the words of Holy Men.

If you have to kill people or die in the future, you will be very thankful that you have purified both body and spirit. In war, both a healthy body and a healthy soul are most important.

Remember: psychology is a pathological Jewish scam, and the only way to clear out negative thoughts is through physical and spiritual health. If you suffer from bad or negative thoughts, bypass all Jewish nonsense and focus on physical and spiritual health. “Psychological” and “mental” health are spooks, as consciousness is some combination of the body and spirit.

Intelligent people struggle more with their own mind for the simple reason that God is asking more of them. “To him much is given, much is asked.” If you are an intelligent person and suffer from negative thoughts and emotions, be aware that the only solution to this is Jesus Christ.

There is nothing to do before this: humbling yourself before God and admitting that after you were given free will, you made imperfect decisions. No one makes perfect decisions, and that is why Christ came to take the sins of the world upon himself. Free will cannot possibly lead to a finite being making only good decisions, and from this comes the need for Christ’s sacrifice.

Everything we do should be with the goal of bringing us closer to God.