Good Job: US Breaks Record for Drug Overdoses Again!

I wonder why everyone hates their life and just wants to get high and die?

Is it because no one has any meaning in their life? And because they believe they don’t have any future anyway? If it’s true that we’re just pointless clumps of cells, is there anything better than fentanyl?


More than 107,600 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed on Wednesday. The record-setting figure, driven by fentanyl and other synthetic opioid abuse, represented a 15% increase over the previous year’s 93,655 overdose deaths.

The massive number is the highest recorded since the CDC began keeping track of overdoses, representing a whopping one overdose every five minutes across the US. However, the rate of increase has slowed by half since the previous year. Overdose deaths surged 30% between 2019 and 2020. The largest increase was seen in Alaska, where drug-related deaths soared 75.3% over the previous year.

Synthetic opioid fentanyl, 50 times as potent as heroin, remained the primary culprit in the vast majority of overdoses, present in nearly two-thirds (71,238) of the casualties – a 23% uptick from the previous year. Methamphetamine was a distant second, appearing in 32,856 cases, though at 34%, the rate of increase was steeper than that seen for fentanyl; 24,538 of those who died had taken cocaine, while just 13,503 had taken prescription pain medications, the drugs primarily responsible for kicking off the US opioid epidemic over two decades ago.

Last year was hardly the first to set a record regarding overdoses in the US, which have been steadily climbing for years aside from a brief dip in 2018. The figures have only grown as the easier-to-smuggle and -synthesize fentanyl has overtaken heroin in drug markets across America.

Heroin itself gradually replaced prescription opioids as the latter became more difficult to obtain following a nationwide crackdown on ‘pill mills’. These were doctors willing to write prescriptions for a beefed-up fee, scripts filled at well-stocked pharmacies that didn’t ask too many questions about why they were in some cases dispensing enough pills to keep every resident of their communities medicated year-round.

We’ve all probably experienced Vicodin or Percocet when we had dental work done or had an accident, right? Well, imagine that feeling times 100. That must be what Fentanyl is like – a total feeling of belonging, an absolute return to the comfort of the womb.

Like that atheist boomer icon and dirty rat kike Lou Reed said – “I feel just like Jesus’ son.”

If atheism is true, who is the smarter peasant?

The one who works a wage job and works his way up to buy himself a stupid expensive car with one of those big ugly TV screens in it instead of a radio and ashtray? Works his way up to rent a mid-rise trendy apartment where he’s crowded in like a rat and everything is made from pressed particle board anyway? Works his way up so he can be the pet boyfriend of some gym whore bimbo from Instagram?

Or is the smarter peasant the one who commits petty crime so he can buy pure happiness and joy to inject directly into his veins? Lives on the street in a tent, feeling the freedom of the world? Who rambles, and is attached to nothing? Who doesn’t think about tomorrow, who doesn’t plan for any future at all, who doesn’t want a future beyond finally entering the warm embrace of death while the levels of happy chemicals in his brain are maxing all the way out?


The overwhelming majority of these deaths are white males. There is also a proven correlation between intelligence and opioid use. So what this mass fentanyl death situation amounts to is basically a genocide of intelligent white men who are being beaten down by this system.

It’s a kind of anti-eugenics, cleansing the nation of the best men.

That’s why no one cares about it. It’s why George Floyd is more important than a hundred thousand drug deaths.