GoFundMe Pulls $250,000 Legal Fund of Man Who Defended His Daughters from Black Rapist While on Vacation

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2019

Back in May, I covered the story of a white man who killed what we can presume was a black rapist trying to rape his daughters while he was on vacation.

He was charged with manslaughter because apparently family men deciding to randomly kill blacks while on a vacation with their families is a thing.

Now he’s not allowed to crowdfund his legal defense literally because he’s white.

Daily Mail:

The Connecticut banker charged with manslaughter for allegedly killing a hotel worker in Anguilla has had a GoFundMe page that raised $250,000 for him as he faces trial, has been pulled by the crowdfunding site for flouting rules.

GoFundMe held the money raised by Scott Hapgood’s supportive community and vowed not to release it unless he signed an agreement not to use the money for his legal defense, as the platform states it cannot be used in cases where someone has been accused of a violent crime.

It was after fuming supporters of dead Anguilla man Kenny Mitchel, 27, found out about the donations from people that saw anywhere from $100 to $5,000 being handed over to pay for Hapgood’s legal fight.

The epitome of white privilege,’ one disappointed person wrote on a Facebook page pushing for justice for Mitchel who was killed in April after he knocked on Hapgood’s Malliouhana hotel room door to fix the sink but brandished a knife, according to the 44-year-old father who was on vacation.

This is how you buy your way out of murdering someone. His supporters are lined up and marching full speed ahead with no breaks[sic],’ another message read.

Just go ahead and ban white people from using crowdfunding sites already. After all, the fact that white people can receive money by just asking for it speaks volumes about their largely unchallenged supremacy.

It’s just not the right thing to do, you know? We haven’t paid any reparations yet, so the least we could do is to make crowdfunding an exclusive right of people of color.

Hapgood’s lawyer, Juliya Arbisman, revealed to The New York Post details of GoFundMe’s contact with her client on Thursday.

He must sign a ‘declaration under threat of perjury’ that the donations won’t be used to pay for his defense after the page was created by friend Catherine Prichard, who asked his Darien neighbors for $400,000, saying: ‘Please help Scott and his family as they fight to regain the life they worked so hard to build.’

The trial was pushed back earlier this month after a brief court hearing on the Caribbean island.

Hagood is eager for his trial to begin but has been told it could take months.

Hapgood, a UBS banker who was on vacation with his family, says he fought Mitchel to protect his two daughters who had not long returned to their room when Mitchel appeared at the door.

Yeah, but as we all know, white men randomly deciding to kill black males for no reason whatsoever is way more likely than a black male trying to rape white girls — because white men are just intrinsically evil and blacks are known for their self-control.

After his appearance in August, Hapgood made a lengthy statement outside calling for a swift trial.

In a statement outside court, he said: ‘I’m grateful for the opportunity to appear in Anguillan court today because every court appearance means we are one step closer to putting this nightmare behind us.

‘A nightmare for my family but also for the people of Anguilla. We came to your beautiful island for a vacation just like many thousands of others do each year.

‘We came here because of how welcoming you all are. Unfortunately, my family and I were in the wrong place at the wrong time and in an instant, a tragedy resulted which has changed our lives forever.

‘We all want the same thing – justice. For me that means proving my innocence. To that end, I ask the AG to bring a case swiftly so we all can move on and heal.

‘We will continue to be trapped by delays when all we want is to present the evidence to conclusively prove my innocence,’ he said.

In a message to the island’s residents, he continued: ‘Lastly, to the people of Anguilla. I understand your anger.’

‘I have read the same false facts and untrue stories about what allegedly happened in that room on that fateful day in April.

If I lived here and believed those stories, I’d be angry too. But the stories you’ve read and heard are not what happened and someday I’ll be able to tell the real story in a legal setting.

The sooner that day comes the better.’

Just go ahead and say it, Scott. He tried to rape your daughters.