GoFundMe Cucks on Vow to Steal Money from Convoy Donors

Apparently, there are some things that are still “too illegal” – even for multinational tech corporations.

I didn’t actually realize that anything was illegal for a tech company, because of our values in the Constitution and who we are as a democracy.

But Ron DeSantis is good at getting things done.


The GoFundMe website has reversed course and decided to automatically refund donations to the truckers organization leading a protest against Canadian pandemic restrictions. That’s after politicians vowed to investigate the website’s original plans for dealing with donations to the truckers.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Saturday morning that he and the state’s attorney general will investigate GoFundMe after it shut down a fundraiser for the Canadian truckers participating in the so-called “Freedom Convoy.”

West Virginia attorney general also joined in, asking his residents to contact his office to let him know if they had “been victimized by a deceptive act or practice” by GoFundMe.

GoFundMe originally shut down donations because of what it called “law enforcement reports of violence and other unlawful activity. At first, GoFundMe said it would refund anyone who asked and donate the remainder to charities chosen by the Freedom Convoy organizers and verified by the site.

However, the website later scrapped that plan, saying “donor feedback” led it to simply things and automatically refund all donations.

The fundraiser had hit the C$10 million—around $7.9 million in US dollars – with C$1 million already distributed before the fundraiser was halted.

I don’t know if it is legal for me to encourage it, so I won’t – but a lot of people are saying that they are going to call and instruct their credit card companies to cancel the charge, which means GoFundMe has to pay like, $20 for each of those.

They said that thing about “well, if people request refunds, we will give them” – but this was an obviously retarded statement. Clearly, everyone would want a refund. And obviously, GoFundMe would have banned all the people that donated, so it would effectively be impossible to request a refund.

This is like if you went to the dealership to buy a sweet new Honda Super Cub, and after you paid for it and were waiting for the dealer to hand you the keys they said “actually, you’re a racist, so I’m keeping this bike and giving your money to black people.”

Man, those Super Cubs are sweet.

Another reason to move out of the city – if you live in a small town, this is actually a practical vehicle.

You can even put chains on the tires and drive it in the snow. If it slides, you just tuck and roll.

No, but seriously – check out this bad MF:

I would drive that shit through the snow recklessly and snow-slam the Jews.

I mean, not to brag, but I’m both a very good driver and a very good tuck and roller. Not that tucking and rolling in the snow is difficult – snow is soft, and very easy to roll in.

If you get caught slipping by driving at high speeds on a motorcycle on a snowy road, you can basically forget the tucking and just “dive and roll.”