Global Shock as Jews Beating Up the Drums of War Against Iran Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

So this is at the top of Drudge.

By Laura Seligman.

Foreign Policy:

Since May, the Pentagon has dispatched 14,000 additional U.S. troops, an aircraft carrier, and tens of thousands of pounds of military equipment to the Middle East to respond to what it says are alarming new threats from Iran. But despite the stepped-up U.S. military posture, the top U.S. general in the region believes the Iranian threat continues to rise—and Tehran is likely to continue lashing out.

“I think the strike on Saudi Aramco in September is pretty indicative of a nation that is behaving irresponsibly,” said Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, the commander of U.S. Central Command, in a Friday interview, referring to the Sept. 14 Iran-sponsored attack on Saudi facilities that took half of Riyadh’s oil production offline.

“My judgment is that it is very possible they will attack again.”  

It goes on for another 1,500 words, but that is the gist of it.

You can go read it. But it won’t make you any better informed.

Almost reminiscent of a kind of slapstick humor, there is no examination of why Iran is potentially behaving aggressively.

Other than this:

In recent months, the regime has lashed out against a new threat: a U.S. maximum pressure campaign that has imposed heavy economic costs, including forcing Iran to slash its defense budget to $20.7 billion, or 3.8 percent of GDP, in 2019. In addition to Iran’s alleged attacks on commercial shipping in the Persian Gulf and the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi oil, U.S. defense officials have been warning for months about “credible” threats to U.S. forces, but they have declined to say what exactly that threat looks like.

In actual fact, the US is engaged in a program to attempt to completely collapse their government. And there is no chicken or egg scenario here. The US, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the aggressors, and everything that Iran has done has simply been a response to this aggression. Going all the way back to… a really long time ago.

Also reaching towards parody, Israel is only mentioned in the article once. In passing.

Iran’s malign activities don’t end in the Strait of Hormuz. McKenzie is also concerned about Tehran’s actions in Syria, particularly moving in weapon systems that directly threaten Israel, and in Iraq, where the regime is quietly penetrating Iraq’s elected government.

Any essay about anything that happens in the Middle East that doesn’t focus on Israel as a fundamental aspect of any situation is Jewish propaganda.

The fact is that if Israel didn’t dominate the Middle East, through the force of the American war machine, the place would look completely different. You wouldn’t have the terrorist-loving Saudi retards running the region. They are low IQ morons propped up by the Jews

And if you didn’t have Saudi and the other Gulf states run by these shills, you wouldn’t have any of this other conflict, which stems – even according to mainstream analysis – from a desire for a savage form of Sunni Islam to dominate both Shia Islam and states with secular leadership.

Basically, the region should naturally be dominated by Persians, along with their allies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. That is the natural order of the place. And that order is being purposefully disrupted by Jews, through the unnatural empowerment of Saudi Arabia and the insane use of intelligence agency backed terrorist groups.

I don’t know if this general’s statements mean anything. Or if Foreign Policy publishing this “get ready” article means anything. But it is worth noting that certain people are preparing for a certain narrative.