Germany Working on New Trade Policy to Become Less Dependent on Chinese Goods

Germany is laying down the law on evil white Christian Russians, who have dared to violate the pure democracy of the Ukraine for no reason at all.

Now it’s time for Germany to stop the yellow peril in its tracks. The Chinese refuse to have anal sex with men, they refuse to implement a democracy from our values.

It’s time to make them feel the full force of the wrath of the German.


Germany’s economy minister said on Tuesday the government was working on a new trade policy with China to reduce dependence on Chinese raw materials, batteries and semiconductors, promising “no more naivety” in trade dealings with Beijing.

Sources told Reuters last week the economy ministry was considering a raft of new measures to make business with China less attractive. This is the first time the minister has made clear the tougher line was being translated into policy measures. read more

Robert Habeck told Reuters that China was a welcome trading partner, but Germany could not allow Beijing’s protectionism to distort competition and would not hold back criticism of human rights violations under threat of losing business.

“We cannot allow ourselves to be blackmailed,” he said in an interview.


It’s our values of democracy in Germany that we have to force our will on the Chinese, so that they will allow Islamic terrorists to run loose. Our values in a democracy is that the soldiers of Allah should strike down the infidels. That’s who we are, in Germany.

Habeck did not outline new measures in full, but said they would include closer examination of Chinese investments in Europe, such as infrastructure.

China has been Germany’s biggest trade partner for the past six years, with volumes reaching over 245 billion euros ($246 billion) in 2021.

But the centre-left government is taking a tougher line towards Beijing than its centre-right predecessor, worried about Germany’s dependence on Asia’s economic superpower.

On Thursday, Reuters reported the economy ministry was considering measures including reducing or even scrapping investment and export guarantees for China and no longer promoting trade fairs.

Habeck said Germany must open up to new trading partners and regions as many sectors were heavily dependent on selling to China.

If it (the Chinese market) were to close, which is not likely at the moment … we would have extreme sales problems,” Habeck said, adding the economy ministry was contributing to the new German-China policy, much of which is already in place.

“And from this you will see that there is no more naivety,” he added.

Yes, let’s hope the Chinese market doesn’t close. Even though they are evil, having committed crimes against Allah and his Prophet, no one else makes batteries and semiconductors.

We will fight for the glory of Allah, most merciful, most benevolent, against the threat of Chinese communism – but we will do so proportionately, as is in keeping with our values of a democracy.

Russia, on the other hand, is so white, and so evil, that we cannot abide their gas.