Germany: Up to a Billion Euros’ Worth of Historical Artefacts Stolen from Dresden Museum

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2019

I’m gonna assume by default that this was the work of diversity, but I do have to admit that a little chunk of me is hoping some of /ourguys/ did it and are currently trying to sell them to fund RAHOWA.

There are probably better ways to do this though.

The Local:

A German state museum with one of the biggest collection of baroque treasures in Europe has been raided by thieves, police said Monday, with media estimates of losses of up to a billion euros.

The Green Vault at Dresden’s Royal Palace, which is home to around 4,000 precious objects made of ivory, gold, silver and jewels, was broken into early Monday morning.

Police confirmed a “break-in at the Green Vault” and said the thieves were on the run.

How do they know they were running?

What if they’re walking?

Or biking?

The theft was described as the biggest art theft since World War Two.

Officials did not give an estimate but Bild newspaper reported that “antique jewellery worth around a billion euros has been stolen”.

Three jewellery sets of diamonds and rubies were stolen, director Marion Ackermann said, calling the haul “priceless”.

Ackermann refused to estimate the exact value of the items stolen from a display cabinet at the near 300-year-old Green Vault museum in Dresden, adding that the jewellery was of “inestimable cultural and historical value”.

One of 12 museums which make up the famous Dresden State Art Collections, the vault is split into a historic and a newer exhibition.

The historic section, which contains around three quarters of the museum’s treasures, was the one broken into on Monday.

Its treasures include a 63.8-centimetre figure of a Moor studded with emeralds and a 547.71-carat sapphire.

The theft is the second high-profile heist in Germany in recent years, after a 100kg, 24-carat giant gold coin was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum in 2017.

Fun fact: Those jewels aren’t actually worth much, because they can’t really sell them.

The problem with stealing stuff like this is that anyone who can actually afford to buy them wants to buy them to show off to people.

And you can’t do that with something stolen because, you know…

That’s why none of these thieves ever get what they were hoping to get, and instead these items end up sold to a pawn shop or just found in some rando’s attic decades later.

Imagine thinking that vomit is actually worth that much money

Since these are jewels they can sell the precious metals/gems in them, which is probably what the sandmonkeys who stole that giant gold coin did, but they’re not gonna get anywhere near a billion euros for them, and they’re probably gonna get considerably less than face value just because they’re stolen.

On the flipside, I think I’d like to steal one of these hundred-million dollar pieces of trash they call “modern art” just to set it on fire.

Now THAT would be a good reason to actually steal one of them.