Germany: Uneducated Biofronthole Nobel Prize Winning Scientist Attacks Trannies

Apparently, a lot of older people are just now finding out about this whole tranny business.

The government/media really upped the ante on tranny under the cover of that ridiculous virus hoax, and now people are looking at it and saying “what the hell is going on here? You’re mutilating children? How is this even real?”


Transgenderism advocates who claim that there are more than two sexes may have “missed” basic classes in biology, a Nobel laureate has suggested.

There are only two sexes, and those who believe otherwise have “missed” basic classes in biology, a Nobel laureate Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard has claimed.

The accomplished German scientist who won the 1995 Nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine for her study of early embryonic development, made the comments ahead of the country’s government pushing for legislation that will allow those over the age of 14 to change their legal gender without medical approval, a move that she slammed as “madness”.

In an interview conducted with feminist magazine Emma, Nüsslein-Volhard denounced any notion that there could be more than two sexes, as well as suggestions that it was possible for someone to change their gender or sex via surgery or legal routes.

“There are people who want to change their gender, but they can’t do it. You remain XY or XX,” the award-winning scientist told the publication.

The medical expert also denounced those looking to use hermaphrodites or other edge cases to justify gender ideology, with Nüsslein-Volhard emphasising that even in these cases, individuals show characteristics of one or both binary sexes.

“Intersexuality is caused by very rare deviations, for example in the chromosome set,” she said. “But intersex people also have the characteristics of both genders, they are not a third gender.”

Nüsslein-Volhard also attacked the practice of giving hormones to people looking to switch gender, with the Nobel laureate claiming that the administration of such drugs over long periods of time was — in her view — likely to result in negative side effects for the user.

The Nobel Laureate also took aim at Germany’s so-called “queer commissioner”, , who claimed that saying there are only two genders is unscientific and that the truth is that there are many genders.

“This is unscientific (sic)!” Nüsslein-Volhard reportedly exclaimed in response. “Perhaps Herr Lehmann missed the basic course in biology… all mammals have two sexes, and man is a mammal.”

“This is madness! At 14, many girls are unhappy in puberty,” she said. “I know that myself. I was also unhappy at 14 and preferred to be a boy. I wasn’t even allowed to wear pants or cut my hair back then.”

“But then you have to find a way to assert yourself. That’s what you advise girls to do and what you have to support them with,” she went on to say.

The way they bring up people with actual birth defects and compare them with trannies is just insidious.

I will never forget talking to a boomer in 2018 whose grandson was being transformed into a tranny by his daughter-in-law, and he thought it was some kind of biological medical condition. He said, “yeah, they’ve found out that he has transgenderism, so they’re working that out.”

It wasn’t my business to try to explain it to him, and I didn’t. But it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to process that this is not a medical condition that results from a birth defect, it is just people claiming that souls can be born in the wrong body.

Even younger people were confused about this when it started back in 2015-17. I guess people just assumed that if it was doctors talking about it, it must be some kind of actual medical condition. I don’t really think you can blame them for making that assumption back then, but now they’ve gone public with this.

They did a bait and switch, where they pretended it was akin to “intersex” – which again, is a birth defect where you are not technically biologically male or female, as you have some combination of the genitalia – and then they pushed it through and all of a sudden announced “no, actually, we believe that… souls can be born in the wrong bodies, somehow, apparently for no reason, so we’re going to… mutilate people’s genitals and give them a lot of injections for the rest of their lives (which won’t be very long).”