Germany to Send the First 15 Gepard Tanks to the Ukraine in July

Germany is officially and literally Nazi again.

They are literally arming Nazis in the Ukraine.

Of course the twist is: they’re Jewish Nazis.

That’s a twist fit for Calypso of Twisted Metal fame.


Germany will deliver the first 15 Gepard tanks to Ukraine in July, a defence ministry spokesperson in Berlin said on Friday, confirming a media report.

German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht had agreed this in a conversation with her Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, via video link, he added.

At the end of April, Germany announced that it would for the first time supply Kyiv with heavy weapons, namely Gepard air-defence tanks, after critics accused Berlin of dragging its heels on heavy weapons deliveries to Kyiv.

Since then, Germany also pledged seven self-propelled howitzers to Kyiv and has started training Ukrainian troops on these guns.

According to a government source, the Gepard tanks will be supplied with “sufficient” ammunition.

From what I know about tanks, ammunition is a must.

Christine Lambrecht

I can’t wait until this war turns into a nuclear war and tens of millions of people die.