Germany: Black Singer Wants to Exhume Beethoven’s Body to Prove He was Black

Note: this is a picture of the singer, not Beethoven

God bless this brave man.

The truth needs to come to light.

Classic FM:

German singer, Roberto Blanco, has called on the Mayor of Vienna to exhume Beethoven’s body for a racial DNA test.

The request is the latest in an over century old debate about the ethnicity of the German-born classical music giant. Beethoven died in Vienna in 1827, and Blanco addresses the city’s Mayor in a public YouTube video. He states his reasoning for the ask is ‘so that we can see if he looks more like you or me.’

Blanco, who is of Afro-Cuban origin, was born in Tunisia, before moving to Germany and becoming a singer in the early 50s.

The 84-year-old beloved singer has recorded multiple hit albums and appeared on a number of music variety shows.

While the question of Beethoven’s race has been in question for over a century, the theory regarding his ethnicity resurfaced in 2015.

A student-run Minnesota newspaper, The Concordian, had suggested a “white-washing” of the composer’s legacy, citing descriptions of the composer as having a “wide, thick-lipped mouth, short, thick nose, and proudly arched forehead”.

Historical paintings of Beethoven definitely show that he was a little on the dark side.

Just look at him.

That’s a straight-up jigaboo.

It’s ironic that 1950s America considered Beethoven one of the greatest composers ever, yet if he’d been alive to drink from one of their “whites only” fountains, they’d have whipped his cotton-picking black ass in a heartbeat.

Also known as cultural whitewashing, “white-washing” in this context is the practice where historians, artists, and other documenters highlight ‘white’ as the primary and dominant race, consequently pushing or entirely removing ethnic minorities from the record.

Examples include Jesus’ depiction as a white man, despite living in a Middle Eastern country, the original Barbie doll depicted as a blonde white girl, and countless Hollywood films in which white actors are cast in non-white roles.

Every important person in history was black.

That includes Jesus, Charlemagne, Julius Caesar, and even JFK.

Whites are reluctant to exhume bodies because they claim it is “disrespectful,” but in reality, they just want to continue suppressing this shocking truth from the world.

Black culture is characterized by cutting-edge innovation and boundless creativity.

White “culture” is nothing more than oppressing others and not seasoning they food.

We should feel nothing but pity for the white race, who are so lacking in self-esteem that they have to falsely claim that a 19th century German composer was one of their own.