Germany and France Planning to Use Social Media to Psychologically Manipulate Russians

The West had the opportunity to try to turn the Russian population against Putin, but instead of doing that, they attacked all Russian people on earth as evil and increased Putin’s popularity. They banned Russians who weren’t even linked to the government, and they went so far as to ban classical Russian literature and music.

Their sanctions also boosted the economy of Russia, which is something that is going to be popular.

It is probably way too late to try to do anything to turn the population against Putin, but if you were going to try, the first thing you would do is stop claiming all Russian people are biologically evil, and then stop the economy-boosting sanctions on Russia.

Using internet celebrities to put out anti-Putin messages would be really far down the list of strategies.


TikTokers and YouTubers could help the EU drive a wedge between the Russian government and the people, Germany and France have reportedly told other members of the bloc.

Ideas on how its members could influence Russian citizens were formulated in a document circulated ahead of this week’s high-level EU meeting in Prague, Bloomberg reported on Monday. The plan is meant for discussion behind closed doors, but the news agency said it had studied the document.

Berlin and Paris suggested enrolling popular video bloggers on platforms including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, and VK to help disseminate EU-funded teaching courses on “media literacy,” according to Bloomberg. The courses will supposedly explain to Russians why they should dismiss “Russian propaganda” and trust “independent information” that counters what the Russian government says.

The EU should also target Russian-speaking minorities in other nations with content that serves the same goal, the report says. There is also a proposal for an “Internet Censorship Circumvention Hub” for Russians.

So, they are publicly saying they are going to do all of the things that the West falsely accuses Russia of doing.


The crazy thing is that Russia never did any of that internet propaganda stuff. I’m probably the single biggest and most influential English-speaking Russian shill, and Russia actually banned me from my .su site. Russia should be trying to influence Westerners. The West is doing it to them, and they’re getting blamed for it anyway – if you’re going to do the time, why not do the crime?

Anyway – it’s kinda hilarious that the West would just come out and say “we want to propagandize the Russians and bypass censorship.” They are talking about distributing disinformation. If Russia was going to bypass the American censors and distribute information, it would be truthful information – they would have no reason to lie. The US is lying about everything.

Some people in the Russian government have recently begun talking about supporting right-wing dissidents in the West, but they haven’t done it yet. The closest thing that has happened on that front is Belarus offering political asylum to people being politically persecuted for supporting Donald Trump.

Maybe Gavin McInnes should have taken Belarus up on their offer? It seems insane that he was just sitting around New York waiting to be arrested and thrown in a cage.