George W. Bush Accuses Putin of Launching a “Wholly Unjustified and Brutal Invasion of Iraq”

This might well be the single funniest thing that has ever happened in all of human history.

George W. Bush was giving a speech denouncing Russia and made a Freudian slip, calling out Putin for launching a “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

The moronic former Moron-in-Chief slowly corrected himself: “I mean the Ukraine. Heh [sic].”

Then, in apparently a piece of self-deprecating humor, he said, “Iraq too. Anyway.”

The crowd laughed.

Honestly, I give the guy credit for this. He said that his invasion of Iraq was “wholly unjustified and brutal.” I mean – imagine it. I just can’t even… I don’t think anyone has ever said anything like this before – jokingly admitting to launching a war that killed thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Arabs, and that the whole thing was totally unjustified. “Wholly unjustified,” in fact.

But along with being the funniest thing ever, it is also enlightening. Well, not to you, dear reader – but one would think it would be enlightening to the people.

Where does the US get off in judging Russia on anything at all? The US is the single most corrupt country that has ever existed. This is a country that literally brainwashes its own children into homosexuality, while threatening the entire world with war if they don’t go along with their anal agenda.

I can’t post this image enough – from a school in the liberated Donbass, found by Russian soldiers:

The US has only occupied the Ukraine for 8 years, and it was one of the most conservative and Christian countries in Europe (possibly the single most conservative and Christian country in Europe, although part of that is due to poverty – poor people tend to be more religious, that’s just a fact). They make it a priority to get homosexuality, trannyism and race mixing into kindergartens immediately in every country they control. They were also trying to push this stuff on Afghanistan.

Daily reminder of the meaning of “liberated by rules-based democracy”:


The thing is: Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine is neither unjustified nor brutal.

You can say it’s bad or wrong or whatever – I disagree, but you can say that – but you can’t say it is unjustified or brutal.

The justification was that US/NATO was massively arming the country, they were slaughtering people in the Donbass (refusing to abide by the Minsk Accords they signed), and they were talking about joining NATO and hosting NATO nukes on Russia’s border. You can agree or disagree whether this is a proper justification, but it is definitely a justification. It’s much different than faking intelligence about Saddam Hussein joining Al-Qaeda and planning to nuke America.

It is also not brutal. If they were willing to use the kind of brutality that was used in the invasion of Iraq, this would have been over in a few days. Russia was not willing to cause mass civilian casualties. America bombed out every piece of civilian infrastructure in Baghdad before rolling the tanks in – Russia only hits military targets.

Sure, on some level “all war is brutal,” but then it is just a redundancy to say “brutal invasion.”

Anyway – kudos to George W. Bush for finally for the first time in his life saying something true.