Genderbread Person Teaches Kids About Anuses in California School District

I don’t understand how some can ask “why is the government teaching anal sex to children?” and come up with any answer other than “Jews.”

The most frustrating thing in my life has been the fact that there are right-wingers who are not anti-Semites.

How do they explain what is going on with all of this sickening stuff that is happening? Frankly, they don’t ever explain it. As Andrew Anglin said earlier this week: they have to say that leftists are just stupid. That’s why Sean Hannity says leftists are stupid: because he’s a Jew-lover.

It’s especially confusing in the West, where right-wingers are all at least nominally Christian, and Jews are the key villains of the religion.

New York Post:

A district in California is using a curriculum that includes a “Genderbread Identity” man for sex education, Fox News Digital has learned.

The “Genderbread Identity” was found by public records request in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District sex-ed curriculum it purchased called “Teen Talk,” which is used for middle and high school students. Teen Talk is taught to thousands of students throughout California.

The “gender” section of the ‘Genderbread Identity’ man included a video on “what it’s like to be trans in high school” with two teens discussing transitioning. The heart of the ‘Genderbread’ man represented the various sexual orientations – pansexuality,  homosexuality, asexuality and heterosexuality. The rainbow brain of ‘Genderbread’ represented a person’s gender identity.

Fox News Digital spoke with moms from the California district who said they were concerned about how the sexual curriculum could impact children.

“It’s horrifying,” said Haley Jenkins. “And they try to create the little ‘Genderbread’ man to make it seem like it’s more fun. And it’s for younger kids – it’s appealing –  but it’s confusing [for them].”

Jenkins currently homeschools her daughter. She said the curriculum can have a diffuse effect on children in the district even if they are not in public school. “They’re playing with all these kids [who are in the district’s schools… As they get older, they go to their friends to talk about things. They don’t come to their parents as much. So maybe my kids aren’t getting this specific curriculum, but most of their friends are.”

“They’re really starting so early to sexualize our children,” said Amy Peters, who put her kids through the Newport-Mesa school district. “We felt like it was our responsibility to teach our kids about what they needed that was age appropriate.”

The district responded to Fox News Digital’s request for comment stating, “The California Healthy Youth Act requires that students receive comprehensive sexual health education once in middle school and once in high school, starting in seventh grade.”

We use a state-approved health curriculum with select modules that are appropriate for our students, taught by credentialed teachers. Parents can opt out their child from participating in comprehensive sex education. Parents also have the ability to review all curriculum taught in our schools so that they can be well-informed and make the best decisions for their child. We understand that there are varying viewpoints and beliefs and we follow California State Standards for curriculum, while also supporting parent choice.”

The curriculum shows graphic images of genitalia, including the differences between circumcised and uncircumcised penises.

“Our children are sponges,” said Alicia Beget, a mom in the district who is also a school psychologist. “There’s an influence on our young children, and this is by very much by design [by] the progressive agenda to slowly [of the]… sexualization of our children. I worry about it every single day.”

Rather than guiding them with an ethical and moral responsibility to access of mental health care, they are instead referring to resources to affirm their gender,” Beget said.

Where do people think this is going?

How can any of this turn out well?